Thursday, August 22, 2013

On primary

Today was a shooting day.

At home I did the sun salutations and the standing asanas to be be at least a bit warm.

Then I drove with my bicycle to the "Pinakothek der Moderne". It's a good place to take pictures as it's rather calm there. I also love the background, this bright wall.

There is also shadow. This already has a slight disadvantage as it was rather fresh there today. The floor is stone. So the place where I take my pictures is cold and hard. Hahaha........Who cares.

I practiced one asana after the other without vinyasas. This is possible these days. I'm able to do almost all asanas comme il faut, even rather stiff. This is a huge progress.

When I practice primary these days I can focus on improving the vinyasas. The asanas are no issues anymore. That's great.

Some asanas I've to shoot again. Some pictures got blurry, others were rather disclosure pictures.
This will happen on Saturday if the weather allows me to practice outside.

Time to feed my website with my pictures. :)


Anna said...

"I rode my bicycle".
Love your photo website - might like to buy some prints sometime...

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you. Yep, this sounds better. I knew that something was wrong.

Prints and calenders are coming soon.