Sunday, August 18, 2013

On being organized

Quickly all is too much. We all have activities that are so greedy that they can use up all the time. It's important to find out what it is that steals the time. Today a passionate photographer who initiated a group on fb, withdrew. It is sad. Good is that the group will go on. I help to organize a bit, too, that is I will give a picture topic every third Sunday. This seems doable for me. 2 other photographers will also help to keep the show running.

I got reminded how important it is to have tools. Being organized is a skill. One can learn a lot here. My favorite tool is my pomodoro, a timer that I set for 25 min within which I work. Then a 5 min break follows, then another pomodoro.
Another important tool is  not to want too much. Simplicity is a key word here.

From the organizer ladies I learned not to try to catch up, but to jump in. They create flight plans that shall bring busy people through the week. It's never about being perfect, but about adjusting the activities to what needs to be done first. Strong routines help.

Lately I discovered how supporting it is to finish an activity. I often set at time for an end of an activity. I.e. after 2 hours of yoga I think it makes sense to come to an end. There is another day. If not much was done within 2 hours, prolonging a practice doesn't make so much sense either.

I plan my activities for Monday: 
- Yoga first.
- In the afternoon I've to make some appointments.
- I hope that I'll have time for taking pictures.

If more will happen it's great.

Let me know about your favorite tool to stay on top of things?!

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