Monday, August 05, 2013

Monday morning

Monday morning. I feel ready for the week.

Yesterday we slept. Oh, and I sweated. We had to recover from the party on Saturday night. At 3am we returned. Yep, it has been that late. I overslept to go to the last led class. It should be so, I thought. It has been still very hot and I thought that it's best to do siesta when it's hot.

Today I got up later than I wished. It shall be so, I think. Hahaha.......Now it's too late to practice before seeing the dentist again. Today they want to check my teeth and see if everything is better already. It is. I'll make compliments. Yet this is not all. They want to suggest to remove the amalgam, I know this already. No decision must be made today. I want to avoid crowns. Crowns are difficult to clean. The gums withdraw. They are expensive. I know that some fillings are so old that tiniest gaps have developed over the decades. Today I'll listen with an open-minded attitude.

I've no further appointments for the week. How I love it. I can do whatever I want. There is so much time for Ashtanga yoga and taking pictures.

My second cup of coffee is next to me. I'll sip it slowly....and then action, baby.


Anna said...

Your time stretches out ahead of you with nobody to interfere with it. That's my definition of living and high achievement. Well done!

Ursula Preiss said...

I'm enjoying it.