Friday, August 23, 2013

Less is more

Friday is primary day and this around the globe. Me too, I practiced primary today. I added only hanumanasana, the split pose, because this pose improves my back bending.

Less is more is the title. It was inspired by my photo session yesterday. I wanted to shoot primary in one session. I did it. Yet at home I realized that I have to discard half of the pictures. It would have been better if I had focused on the first half of this series. Quick everything was done, but not really carefully.

I also learned from this session and insofar it has been a good experience, that when I want to offer to shoot the asanas of an Ashtanga yoga series, half of the series is more than enough in one session.

Less is more and this is also often true re the practices: better to focus on what one wants to improve than to whip oneself through too many asanas.

This morning I focused on the vinyasas. And I'm challenged here. The vinyasas were neglected. The only asanas that could still get much better is the one on the picture above. The goal is to bring the leg to the floor. I exercise this asana daily since quite some time, and it improved already.

Yoga is finally a mental exercise. Patience is learned, perseverance, too.


A few days back a friend asked me if my E is shooting all the pictures.
But no, it's most of the time me.
When my E takes pictures of me, I usually stand in bright sunlight and I have to smile.
When I take self-portraits, I'm usually in the shadow, and I look so serious. Hahahaha....

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