Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Impressions of yesterday

Yesterday I've been at the dentist again. My teeth got polished and the dentist checked the wounds where my wisdom teeth got extracted. The wounds are still open, but this is OK. With a scissor he cut the threads with whom he had sewed the wounds. 
Another appointment is necessary. Fillings need to be exchanged. 
When I learned that I could get an appointment already the next day, I laughed out loud. So early. It's good to bring it behind me, I thought and agreed on the date and time. 
All is so much better already. Yet I'm still somewhere in the middle of the treatment. 
Another appointment is in about 6 weeks. Then the depth of the gum bags get checked again to see if it's better. I know already, it is. 
I left the dentist with the wish for distraction. Abercrombie & Fitch was my next destination. Finally a shop here in Munich where I find clothes that fit. The lound music, the darkness, the heavy fragrance, the sexy shop assistants didn't allow anything but to enjoy the here and now. It's so dark there that one only knows what one has bought when at home. 
No, I was not in the mood to cook anything for myself for lunch. Also preparing a salad seemed too much work. I stopped at a vegan restaurant on my way home to have a late lunch. One can sit outside in the shadow there now. It was relaxing. 

Later I walked to the "Katzentempel". These cuties cheer me up. Just to see them is a huge joy. When I arrived another woman pressed her nose already against the window. Yesterday Balou, Gizmo, Jack and Ayla had a day off. They sprawled close to the window.

Round the corner of the "Katzentempel" is the ice cream shop located. I enjoyed my 2 balls of sorbet.

I slept awfully. At about 3am I got up and read in one of my books. Then I went to bed again in savasana position. This helped to fall asleep again. I take it like a yogini: sometimes sleep is good, sometimes sleep is bad.

The second cup of coffee is next to me. It shall wake me up.
Energy is low. I feel lame. It will change, I know this. I start sweating already. A sure sign that I'm alive.

Today the appointment at the dentist is so late (2:30pm) that I've time for yoga. I need a yoga session. After 90 min of treatment nothing will be possible anymore. Either I practice now or I forget about it. I want to practice, whatever is possible. Goal is to spend some time on the mat. Ambition goes to 0. Sigh.

We're not the doer.
Life is a happening.


Anna said...

Good luck! Yes, life is a happening. My cast comes off on Friday - hurrah!

Ursula Preiss said...

This is very good news, Anna.

When the cast is off you can start with exercises again to build muscles. Stay patient.