Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hasta padangusthasana & Pada hastasana

Nothing helps me more to improve my practice than my pictures. These both asanas are the first asanas after the sun salutations. The body is warm by then but not so flexible. I see that there is still a lot of potential. The upper body can get much closer to the legs. I know that engaging the bandhas helps a lot here. Good is that my back is straight. My feet are hip width apart and not more.
The legs are active, so are the front hip muscle. The shoulders move upwards. The face remains relaxed.
Spine and neck are in line. The toes give a bit of resistance.

One can keep the mind busy. There is a lot to check if one likes it.

Yep, it's a wonderful beginning of the practice.

When I started with yoga I was not able to reach my toes with my hands with straight legs.
Being content is an exercise for the mind.

Yoginis enjoy a relaxed attitude towards the events in life. The practice shall strengthen this attitude. Tools are learned to keep this attitude also off the mat.
1. One tool is to breathe evenly.
2. Another tool is to have a dristhi, means to keep the eyes steady. Also this influences the mind. One learns to focus on a wished object and to fade out others. It calms, thinking becomes less.

Yoginis don't search the highs and ups in life, the tragedy: Today happy, tomorrow angry, the other day desperate, then hopeful again. The goal in yoga is to move away from this roller coaster. Exciting things might happen, yet one observes them. Judging makes everything worse or better. Observing is the medicine against judging.
Also the daily routine to practice brings a lot of steadiness in a life. I remember times where I went salsa dancing till the early morning hours. These days I go to bed early as I want to get up early to practice Ashtanga yoga.

Is this boring? Yep, one can see this so.

Yet I personally prefer to discuss the color tone of a picture all night long than to have dramas in my life. I enjoy a balanced life in all aspects of my life. I'm enjoying the tiny things in life.

Being cool is the new happiness. :)


Globie said...

Do you use a self timer or does E take the pictures?

Ursula Preiss said...

E has no time for this and not the patient. In the first years I used the self timer every camera has integrated. I upgraded. These days I use a tripod and a remote control. I can set the time I need. It's luxury that I enjoy.

Kitharo said...

OMG U, just saw your new title picture at the top: perfection! Don't know why I didn't noticed it when I read your posts last time, but it is an amazing picture... the location is stunning. Hope you were able to take more pictures there!

Hope everything is ok in your world :-) (despite the teeth journey)

Greetings from a windy Frankfurt

- Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Julian. Yeah, today I neglected all duties and some are important. I took my gadgets (tripod, yoga mat, camera, remote control) and I searched a location with my bicycle. Oh my. I found a good location and I took some pictures. It was not the last time that I've been there.
I even consider filming...:)

The weather must be OK to do all this, but we're still in summertime. And tomorrow I'll have to go to the dentist again.

Greetings back. :)

:) Ursula

Kitharo said...

I'm sure you'll find another day with good weather, so that you can take photos there. It really looks cool. And filming sounds amazing...

I remember from your old Youtube channel that your practice always looked so... effortles and graceful, so yes to videos haha

Wish you strong nerves at the dentist!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for the compliment, Julian. So it shall look, effortless. :)

I'll survive the dentist, I will. Hahaha.....