Tuesday, August 06, 2013

From 2:30pm to 4pm

Another dentist session lies behind me. Today he worked on the first quadrant, that is the upper jaw on the right side. These days no treatment starts without an injection. By now and it's almost 7pm my right cheek was paralysed. Fine.

Today it was discovered that a former dentist has started a root treatment that he has not finished. Ill gauze was not removed. This causes that the bones withdraw. Not everything can be seen on an x-ray picture. So the next two treatments will be dedicated to the roots of this one tooth.

In the middle of the treatment, the noise of the thrill almost caused a headache, yeah, suddenly it was silent. Too silent. No current anymore. I thought I was in India. Hahaha......there is a construction around the house and sometimes yeah there is no current anymore.
After about 15 min the treatment could go on.

I'm a shocked. It turns out that I get crowns. I thought only the fillings should get exchanged. Yet the dentist prepared all the teeth on my upper right jaw for crowns.
Right now I don't want to know anything about my teeth. I'm so indifferent. Do with me whatever you like, but don't bother me with anything is my attitude. I sip a Rosé to cheer me up. I'm exhausted. It's too late now to want anything else. Next time I want to get more explanations before the treatment. But I also trust this dentist with the dark curls. Yeah I trust him. I also said this to him today. I hope that having said this provokes that he doesn't exploit my trust.
He works well. I can feel this despite the injection. He has long thin fingers, they are perfect for his profession.

The issue of today was that when all the fillings were removed and when new fillings were done, the teeth must fit together again. The teeth are like a gear wheel. Not one filling shall be too high. It's detail work.

At the end he asked me if we shall go on with the root treatment. I said 'no'. I was done after 90 min.

I always walk home after the treatment. It lasts 30 min. It calms me. It distracts me. I take streets that are deserted. I want to be alone then.

I looked in a mirror here and moved my face. I'm almost back to normal. Almost. I love to be alone right now with my sadness.

Temperature dropped, there is wind. Soon it will rain.

I'm listening to a CD: Bob Dylon.


Anna said...

It's good to be alone with one's sadness at times such as these... I'm thinking of you and your teeth. You think of my arm! We'll get there, Ursula!

Anonymous said...

I've been known to say I'd rather give birth than go to the dentist. You are stronger than you believe, dear U... I have five crowns on my teeth and it was really the best decision I made. No more worries about cavities creeping in, I believe.

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Ursula Preiss said...

Yes, Anna, might you be soon back to normal with your arm, so that you can practice yoga. I wish you fast healing.

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Debb, you made me smile. Oh my, I don't have so much pain, it's more that exhausts me mentally these treatments.

You also consoled me. Perhaps crowns are not the worst decision, especially in my case. In all teeth are huge fillings.

Anna said...

Debb's right; crowns don't need fillings - and they look nice (a shade lighter than your normal teeth can brighten up your mouth!)

Ursula Preiss said...

The amalgam is surely not beautiful. Ceramic fillings would be good as it allows to keep as much substance from my own teeth.

I delegated. Shall the dentist do the best for me. Hahaha....

Crowns have a disadvantage: they are difficult to clean.