Monday, August 19, 2013

Being organized

Amazing how difficult it can be to discard a sleeping back that I haven't used for decades. I cleaned the storage room today. And this yellow sleeping bag had to go!

Being organized also means that one knows how much time it requires to complete different activities. To clean the storage room lasted 2 hours,  a bit more. I put out everything, then I discarded a few things, then I cleaned and then I put back things. Great. Hahaha......
Knowing how much time activities require can help to make a decision if one starts and finishes with a chore or with anything else.
My yoga practice lasts 2 hours. Hahahaha.......knowing this means that I have to be organized well.

And now it's raining again.

One never knows how a day devolops. Much too late I got up. Yet that this storage room is clean now pleases me. That I was in the mood to prepare an Indian inspired meal for myself was excellent. My own meals are the best. No, I don't use canned tomatoes anymore.

Time to take a break. Yeah, why not practicing after my break? Everything else can wait.


Kitharo said...

Oh cleaning stuff out is one of my least favorite activities :-) Did it a few weeks ago and seriously, I threw (right this way?some verbs in past tense just slipp my mind haha)most of the stuff away. It's really like they say in the books: if you don't miss it, you don't need it.

Oh and I finally checked out your website. Well done! Especialy since you show in the portrait section different topics... thumbs crossed that people hire you, but I guess it's a hard road as a new photographer. Anyway, I wish you luck that your talent will be recognized :-)

Greetings from a chilly Frankfurt

- Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Julian.

If something is easy it's usually much less interesting.

Perhaps step after step my photographic skills will develop, so my business skills.....

It's fun, I love what I do, what else can I wish.

Greetings from Munich. Ursula

tanya said...

It is really interesting to note and see the Indian vegetable you have prepared.Picture looks perfect and so to the taste be.Keep enjoying the stuff.

Ursula Preiss said...

I do love Indian food, Tanya.

India has changed my life. :)