Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ah, the cats...

Today is "Day of the Cat". These four cuties work in a café. They have hard work to do.

Yesterday I was again in that cat café. A camera man was there, too. He filmed the little ones, his flash light was on. The owner of the café had to tell him to switch it off. It's much too aggressive for the eyes of the cats.

Then 2 mothers entered the café with three children. These kids could scarcely walk, but as soon as they saw the cats they were able to run behind them. The cats are faster. Ha!

Also the grown-up people there are so needy. They radiate: I caress you, if you like it or not.
It seems to me that most of us must learn how to communicate with creatures from another tribe. Cats and other animals have different needs than human beings.

Yet there are also guests there like me, who have joy already to see these cuties.

I love that place. To be surrounded with cats pleases me.


I got up later than wished. I obviously needed sleep. Then my morning movie started. On my way to the bathroom I switched on the PC. A quick shower refreshed me. Then I prepared a cup of coffee for myself. I checked my Email and what's going on in the world. Then it was time to wake up my E. I prepared a breakfast for him: I cut a peach and rinsed some currants. And of course he, too gets a cup of coffee.

Never make the bed when your husband is still in it, I read once. So I wait till he is out, then I make it. When I'm alone I'll have breakfast and I'll write my journal. Then I do the dishes.

Then I can do yoga. Yesterday no practice happened. Energy allowed me to walk around. It was not enough for an exhausting Ashtanga yoga practice. I walked around a lot. To move is always joy for me.

Also today I'll take it easy. No strict plans, just being. I feel like cleaning and discarding things. This could be a good idea.

Tomorrow morning I've another appointment at the dentist. The root treatment shall start. Two sessions are necessary to finish the work that another dentist has started and not finished. There are a lot of bumbler in the market. I'm so happy to have found a true expert.

Have I mentioned already that I love summer time.


Anna said...

Enjoy your day, Ursula! WOuld love to be in the Temple of Cats in Munich but I'm off into Toronto today for an urban stroll! And maybe tea and cake (sshhhh!).

Debb said...

I love your German kitties. They are gorgeous. There is something so calming in the act of petting and caressing a cat. It always soothes my soul, that is why I have to have them live with me! But, I too, only pet them when THEY want it.

It still sounds strange to read you write "husband". :)

Anna said...

I meant to say, ursula that 'bumbler' is a great English word. Great that you used it!!! And in the absolute correct way.

Anna said...

I meant to say, ursula that 'bumbler' is a great English word. Great that you used it!!! And in the absolute correct way.