Sunday, August 18, 2013

A shift

Many of us have a life full of stress. We search for relief.
My yoga practice has been a tool to balance my work life for many years.
- The practice kept me fit, so I could sit on a chair for more than 40 hours a week without getting back pain. - My practice bettered my concentration. This ability made me more productive at work, too. I 've been able to work through immense work load.

My life has changed. Yet there is the insight that stress needn't to come from outside only. One can make oneself stress, too. The factors that make a life unhealthy are numerous.

My yoga practice always showed me the way back to a more healthy way of living if life off the mat was turbulent. It balanced my life.

More and more a shift happens. My life around yoga shall support my practice. And not the other way round. I see more consequently that if I want to improve my practice, all areas of life must pull in the same direction.
Atilla Hildmanns says 90% of my exercise is nutrition. His body is exercised these days, he is in good shape, so to say. His cooking books will soon be available in English, too.
Yet there is more than nutrition: environment, friends, thoughts, hobbies...
Do they support a practice? Do they spoil a practice?

It's perhaps underestimated what a life style can do for a yoga practice.

It can be that I become more conscious about other aspects of the practice than the physical ones.

I can imagine that when most areas in life support the practice, it will reach another level. I'm curious. I'm working on this.


Anna said...

I am curious about this too and that's what a lot of my comments to you allude to - the full (exciting) ramifications of a life with a yoga practice at its heart: where everything is garnered to support the practice as opposed to what most people do which is to fit the practice into the daily life.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's rather a shift in perception, Anna.