Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 quarters...

Today my energy returned. At 9am I got up, but I felt good. I felt so good that it was sure that I'd practice.

Mentally I divide the 2 hours and so long lasts an intensive Ashtanga practice into 4 quarters.
1. The first is to warm up and to do some asanas that need extra attention.
2. Today I practiced second series, so this quarter was dedicated to back bending.
3. The leg behind head poses come here mainly. I add sometimes third series asanas.
4. Now I must motivate myself to go on. "I can", is a mantra. Music helps. And also today I did all the asanas of second series. It was time enough for the closing sequence. Done.

To divide the practice into 4 parts helps me a lot to stay focused. 30 min are doable is my experience. I became much more focused than I was a few years back. These tiny tricks help.
It's worth to practice alone. One learns different things. Discipline is one of the skills one can exercise when practicing alone.

Another vegan day is lived. I had not so much time to eat. 2 meals were enough today: breakfast and a very late lunch. What I eat and drink either supports my practice or it makes it difficult. This is so.

This practice betters my life, every day.

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