Thursday, July 04, 2013

To start activities is an art, to finish them, too......

Amazing what I accomplish when I don't practice yoga. 2 days off from time to time is OK as I usually catch up with everything else.

In the last 2 days I realized how important it is to finish an activity. Quickly one can get lost. Sometimes I read a novel and if it's a page turner, why not forgetting everything else. Yes, yes.....that's exciting.

Other activities need an end. I went through my old files and deleted unimportant ones. My PC is full. This forced me to use an extern storage. There I store my pictures now. There is electronic clutter. I let go. It's amazing how fast time runs if one dives into the past. I didn't reread old stuff, I only got rid of it. I "lost" one day with this activity. In the evening I wondered where my time went.

I'm fine-tuning my skills in organizing. I started writing down how many pomodoro (1 pomodoro is 25 min of work) I do. It's motivating, it also shows where the time goes. 8 pomodoro is absolutely great. Most people who work with this system don't do more either. If the pomodoro runs one works very concentrated, this is not possible for a very long time. One also needs days off.
I'm more consequent in using the pomodoro and in writing down what I do.

Time to move on. Today the treatment of my teeth starts. The caries under the gums gets removed. I'm happy, yes happy that this step gets done today. It's the first step to healthy teeth. You will feel better afterwards, the dentist told me. I'm sure I'll be.


Debb said...

Your teeth will get me to my yoga mat on this, a USA holiday! I want to do a San Kalpa for you that you mAy be comfortable after your procedure. Needing to dedicate my practice for some purpose often gets me to the mat, sending you energies of peace, dear U!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you so much Debb. I'm at home already. The doctor and his assistant worked so good. Today the caries got removed. The 2 teeth look like new again. My one cheek is still paralyzed, but with every hour life returns also to this part of my body.

I wish you a most wonderful practice!

Anna said...

~Good luck, Ursula! I'll be thinking of you in the chair under the bright lights - like an enigmatic actress!

Ursula Preiss said...

This sounds as if you've a good time, which I like to hear.

It's all good here, too. I'm so lucky that I found the reasons for some issues and that I can take action now. The teeth valley is already behind me.

Happy days in Canada.....