Sunday, July 21, 2013

Three back bending exercises


Three exercises that help to get deeper into back bending. Before dropping back against the wall I do them.
It feels as these exercises prepare my body. On the pictures I don't see much difference.

I think I must trust that when I exercise back bending it will also improve!

I wish I had the energy to do a short back bending session in the evening.

Today is our last day here in Bari. We have a rental car for today and we'll be tourists before flying home. Next practice tomorrow at home.


Kitharo said...

Haha I almost do the same exercises :-) Funny, how we all have to prepare for backbending... I often follow Kino's advice, I like here tips, even though I'm nowhere near as flexible as she is...

And lying on a block, like you suggested some time ago....

But I just love backbending, I've always been obsessed with it :-)

Did you buy Kino's book?

Happy last day in Bari :-)

- Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Hi Julian,

Yes, I always watch her latest videos when I see her updates on facebook. Her tips are the best. She understands the poses and knows also how to teach them!

I also have her book. I wanted to write a review. First I wondered if it's necessary to have another book on primary, yet it was!

We're sitting in the hotel bar with olives, Martine rouge, chips and water. Our last hours have come.


Anna said...

I do these too! But up against trees while out exercising. Love them.

Anna said...

Bon voyage!

Kitharo said...

The review is a good idea. I think many people don't buy it because they have a weird picture of Kino, but I absolutely love the book.
She really understands the poses and I really enjoyed the theory chapters... we are so lucky to live in an age where we have acess to great teachers all around the world. And blogs, of course :-)

Oh enjoy it :-) but good weather will welcome you here in Germany, too!


Ursula Preiss said...

Anna, this sounds very exciting. To practice in nature is wonderful! Enjoy.

Your shoulder seems to be OK again?

We're back home. Weather is good, too. There is nothing to complain. :)

Ursula Preiss said...

That so many good yoginis share there knowledge online helped me a lot. I wouldn't be where I am without my online teacher. When I started with Ashtanga yoga thse tools were not available.

So I'm very thankful for this support.

I think I will write a review. As so often when I want to do something very good, it's postponed. :(