Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They are out

The first pain killers are taken. I'm cooling my left cheek, it's thick. Today 2 wisdom teeth got extracted between 1am and 2am. It lasted one hour and it didn't hurt. Awful  was the sound when the dentist tried to pull them out. It was as if he would break out all my teeth. It cracked.

I could shoot me to the moon that I haven't taken pictures of these huge teeth that were lying on the little table in front of me. I saw them when it was over. "Be glad that you're rid of it," said the dentist when the first one was out. Later I saw what he meant. The root was black. The bacteria had attacked the root already. It would have been impossible to remove this. The other tooth had a red root and looked healthier.
Yes, one tooth was extracted with nippers.

Then the dentist cleaned the wounds and the neighbor teeth and then he sewed the wounds.

The cheek is still half deaf.

I cannot do much. I want to eat, but this is not possible. The wound must heal first a bit. I'll drink water today. Coffee is a tabu for the next days, too.

This has been the second important step to heal my teeth. I'm glad that it's done now.


Kaivalya said...

Yes, it's painful, but it's better that they're out. Sending you good thoughts for quick healing. Get lots of rest.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you. Yes, I rest. Nothing else is possible.

Kitharo said...

Tiny steps to health. Hope the pain will be tolerable. Get well soon :-) (what did the doctors say about sports and the healing of the wounds?)

- Julian

PS: the picture is stunning. Love the eyes and the hair!

Anna said...

Oh, horrible. I had a wisdom tooth out but under a general anaesthetic at a dental hospital. You are very brave, Ursula.