Saturday, July 20, 2013

The old town in Bari

Every night we stroll around in the old town. At night the city wakes up. During the day eveybody seems to sleep. Even the little restaurants disappear at daylight. The alleys are empty. Yet at night chairs and tables are outside again and guests populate this old part of Bari.

The alleys are so small that one can look into the living room of the locals. A huge table, some chairs and a TV can be seen most of the time. The rooms are dark and protect the people from the heat.

Today is Saturday. I wonder if I shall practice? Looking at the meals that they offer here, I know I have to. I manage it most of the time to get something "vegano". I love it when my E likes to taste from my plate. A sorbet limone often finishes our meal.
Now I know it, I'll practice, free style and probably less than one hour, but yeah, I'll stretch. :)

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