Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The night is over

Pain got worse and worse. In the middle of the night my E read the information and direction for use of ibuprofen, a pain killer. He reads different parts than me. I read the side effects, that's why I didn't like to take them. He reads how often one can take them. 4 times a day for grown-up people is possible. OK, I got weak. I had taken one in the afternoon, so another one was still within the recommendation. I took one and I could sleep.

The pain was awful. The wounds pulsated. For some time the wound in the upper jaw was attacked, then in the lower jaw . Then the heart beat jumped up and down. I observed. It's a sign of healing, I thought. It was bearable, but I couldn't sleep. After the pain killer I could.

The wounds were slightly blooding all the time. I had cotton batting between the wounds. From time to time I changed it.

Today I have a really swollen cheek. I had breakfast again. Eating is difficult. For lunch I'll eat steamed vegetables. To brush my teeth is difficult, but more for psychological reasons. I fear to touch the wounds and I fear that tooth paste can get into the wounds. That's why I also eat very carefully.

After breakfast I felt exhausted again. I relaxed on the bed. Yeah, it's so much better already. Yet I feel I have to take everything easy today. My body needs the energy to heal.

In about 10 days the dentist wants to see me again to check the wounds. So I guess by then all will be fine again.

No, I don't feel like doing vinyasas or inversions. It can be that I put my body in some easy asanas. It can be that I meditate. I respect the situation of my body. the wounds are big.


Debb said...

Restorative yoga poses would be a good thing to do (google "restorative yoga", there is a lot out there). I have gotten to that level of yoga this year, after some health callenges, and it has been very healing for me physically, mentally and spiritually.
I wish you a night of comfort and healing for this new night to come. Namaste, dear U..

Mike said...

Two pieces of good advice I received from the dentist who removed wisdom teeth for me some 30 years ago: 1: the first few nights sleep sitting in a chair or as a minimum propped up on pillows. This reduces swelling and discomfort. 2: rinse the mouth often with warm salty water, especially before and after eating. These worked well for me so I recommend them to you too.

Anna said...

Yes, warm salt water bathing of the whole area worked well for me too. Several times per day. And I agree with Mike, you maybe want to reduce the blood flow to the area initially as it heals.

I don't like taking drugs either - I am horrified by the potential side effects and also by the harmful additives they put in them (artificial colouring and bulking agents particularly). But a few once in a while - in extreme cases such as yours - can make life easier so don't resist them.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you very much Debb,
Thank you very much Mike,
Thank you very much Anna,

To rinse the mouth with warm salt water seems to be really good.

I take it easy.

I think pain belongs to life like other feelings, too. I'm in peace. And I'll heal. And at the end I'll die. Hahaha....