Sunday, July 28, 2013

The heat is good for Ashtanga yoga

A good start. It was afternoon when I started second series. It was hot and this made my body bendy. My teeth were forgotten. Only the wound in the lower jaw can still be felt a bit.

I omitted nakrasana when I realized that it didn't feel good. I forgot bakasana.

My trick: I practiced slowly. I wanted to stay in the asanas for so long till it felt good. I sweated and this felt excellent.

My right shoulder is still not 100% OK. Even worse, it drives me crazy. Where is the relaxed attitude? Also the mind needs some exercise.

What would I do without Ashtanga yoga? It's a practice I need.

And in a minute the German soccer ladies will have won the final match against the Norway! The ladies got excellent. I saw an impressive match.
Yepeeeeeee. Germany won the European cup. Wow. Congratulations.

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Globie said...

What's wrong with your shoulder?
German ladies were lucky Norwegian girls can't score penalties