Monday, July 08, 2013

The class reunion

On Saturday we had a class reunion. It has been 35 years that I've left school. After school we all walked in different directions. And how I found out, also those who didn't move to another city didn't meet each other after school that often, if at all.

I've been in a school for girls only. Who do I remember, I wondered before going? Not so many of my school friends came into my mind. I couldn't remember the faces. Yet I was sure that everybody would recognize me. This has been indeed the big surprise: NOBODY recognized me, not even my closest former girl-friends. Hahaha.......I had to say my name and then they remembered me and said: Yeah, of And we hugged each other....

G came from Munich, too. We've seen each other sometimes and she recognized me of course, the only one. Some women have changed a lot, others looked like they've looked 35 years ago. G said: the longer I sit here among you, the more you're familiar to me. We laughed but so it was. Gestures and voices added made it easier to remember a person. The character of a person remained the same. Some were elegant, some sportive, some cordially, some outgoing some critical, some funny as they have been 35 years ago. The longer the evening lasted the more we became the girls we've been.

I also had forgotten that I had cut my bangs in zigzag. 2 women told me this. Yet this fits to me. I was described as unconventional, this fits, too.

Many have children, some are even grandmothers, some are divorced and remarried, others are married for more than 33 years. Some remained super slim, others gained some pounds. 2 used to live in America for a couple of years. Everybody was in best mood.

Our next reunion shall be sooner, we were all sure.

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Debb said...

I have been to many class reunions (we have them every 5 years). Often, I have not wanted to attend, thinking what's the point? But, they have certainly evolved into a pleasant activity. Last year was my 40th!! The first few times were all about comparing "how well we've done in life". The better paying jobs, the type of car we drive, the trips we have taken. Then, it went into who had children, and how well our children were doing, but we have mellowed in our need to "impress" others with whatever. I've grown to enjoy getting together to recall the happy, fun times. And, I like the opportunity to thank people for their influence that has stayed with me through the years. I love sharing a memory. I feel 17 years old again, in a good way. When people compliment me on how young I look - and if they ask my "secret" - I credit yoga. That has been the biggest life changer for me.