Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleep heals

After grocery shopping, I slept. When I can sleep I also need that sleep, I think. One pain killer was needed today. 'You shall not have pain', they told me on the phone when they wanted to make another appointment. Yet there is no pill without a side effect. I also think that one shall realize what's going on. For me pain is a guide. When in pain it's often a sign that something is not OK. In my case it means that my body needs time to heal. It tells me not to do Ashtanga yoga. I respect these messages.

My cheek is still super thick, but it's OK. With every hour I feel better. I'm very optimistic that tomorrow I feel better than today. Only a bit more than 24 hours are over since the surgery. This is not much.

I sweat a lot. Sometimes I think I've fever, but I don't have fever. It's warm here.

LOL, I've lost 2 pounds, my Italian sins melted away. And now I eat modest, no coffee, nothing spicy. Food must be easy to bite. To brush the teeth got easier.

Next Monday I've the next session. Then antibiotic will be placed under the gums to kill the bacteria everywhere. I must say I feel better already in general. So the decisions by now were good.


Anna said...

Please take it easy, Ursula - don't rush back to the mat. Rest and recuperate: the body has had an invasive procedure and has had a shock. You need to let it find equilibrium again... this will take a few days.

Ursula Preiss said...

Yes, Anna, I respect what was done. To get 2 teeth extracted is not nothing. I guess I'll need a week to recover. By then I'll live modestly.