Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I took it easy today. Yes, yes. I practiced and focused on second series. It was better than yesterday, but not good. Discipline is good. Just doing it, is it. The results are out of control. I'm entertained. I know that it's good that I practice every day. Whatever happens is what shall happen.

We've a routine here. At about 9:30 we've breakfast. Then we go back to our room, read a bit, I digest my tiny breakfast. Then I practice. Afterwards we have our opulent meal in one of the restaurants in walking distance. The choices are huge. Limoncello is the new sin. It finishes my meals. Then siesta. At night we stroll around.

For those who are interested in my pictures of Bari, here is my flickr link.


Anna said...

Amusing photograph! I wish I came from a siesta culture - more mentally healthy I think. I love "lemon sorbet" by the way; beautiful light.

Ursula Preiss said...

The life style here is great. Siesta in the afternoon when it's hot. At night everybody is outside, enjoying the evening.