Thursday, July 04, 2013

Priority: the teeth

No, I cannot say that I had slept well last night. This is so. One night I sleep well, the next night not. It was not because of my teeth.
Yet today at 10am I had an appointment at the dentist. Too early I was downtown. I walked around and found a new shop with everything in it. The goods distracted me. At 9:45 I sat in the waiting room and I started sweating. Hahaha....a bit later than 10am the treatment started. I got 2 injections. It didn't hurt. Nothing hurt. After some time I was so exhausted from keeping my mouth open, that my chin started trembling. Relax, I was told. I relaxed, and my chin stopped trembling. At the end they showed me the work in a mirror. The 2 teeth look great. The amalgam is removed, which is good, too. And the caries is out. The teeth were saved in the last minute.

The entire afternoon my left cheek was paralyzed. Now my face is lively again. I ate to test this function. The bite is not yet perfect. A bit of filling must still be removed. Next time.

My next appointments will be in 3 weeks or so. Then my wisdom teeth (3) get removed. They work only on one side, so it requires 2 appointments to get them all removed. My wisdom teeth have amalgam fillings, too. When they get extracted the amalgam will be removed, too, which is perfect. In addition it will be easier to clean my teeth. My quality of life will improve. I'm in peace with this next step, too. Many people don't have wisdom teeth anymore.

A warm bath relaxed me in the late afternoon. Yeah, I'm confused about the new feeling in my mouth. I'll get used to it. And one can still better it.

I thought I'd practice yoga, but this was not possible. My teeth had priority today. I was exhausted, mentally.

Twice my pomodoro timer ran. Once to get some chores done, once to update my blog on photography. I experimented with double exposure yesterday and today (see picture above). It's fun. (Oh, the text of the blog is in German, yet the 2 picture are understandable internationally).

My plan for tomorrow: primary!!!!!

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