Friday, July 05, 2013

Primary, spiced up with third series asanas

Oh yes, I had an intensive practice. Friday is primary day and I also focused on the asanas and vinyasas of this first series. Yet I spiced up the practice with third series asanas.

I had to try eka pada bakasana B after having seen Kino MacGreggor's YouTube video yesterday. I learn so much from her. She's indeed one of my few online yoga teachers. Here is her channel. She understand the poses, she is able to explain them and she also can perform them.

When an asana and the vinyasa is difficult, I start to learn the asana and I add the vinyasa later. Nevertheless it can be the key to perform an asana if one knows how to get into it.

I added 7 asanas from third series and made a sign in my list consisting of third series asanas. This motivates me, it gives me an overview what I've done. If I don't practice an asana I cannot expect to be able to perform it. It's that simple. After having exercised an asana 10 times I want to take a picture in order to learn from the picture. Feelings differ from what I usually see. Dristi in the above picture is the nose and one looks forward. To be honest, I was happy to be in that pose and I waited desperately till my camera would make click. The dirsti was not in my mind.
Oh, this is surely not the classic way how I learn third series. But at the end of second series, I'm usually done. That's why I add third series asanas during primary and second series.

When I practice at home I exercise discipline, concentration, contentment. And I work on the 20% that make the difference. I know my weaknesses and on those I focus much more during my home practices than in classes. So today also the vinyasas of primary were a focus.

I'm so in love with this practice. :)

After every yoga practice I've amazing plans what to do next. I feel so good that I'm dreaming big. Twice a day I want to practice. Yet I know it's better to be down to earth. Tomorrow is Saturday. To respect a day off from an intensive practice is reasonable.

I'll be on the road again on Saturday. My school colleagues have organized a meeting. Most of them I've seen 30 years ago the last time. I can only remember few. I won't have much time for an intensive yoga practice and it's OK. I go with the flow.......

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