Monday, July 29, 2013

Just returned from the dentist.....

I recapitulate what was done by now:

1. There was cavities below my gums. Two teeth were affected. A huge herd of bacteria was removed with treating this.
2. Two wisdom teeth were extracted. The one looked really spoiled. I still regret that I haven't taken a picture. There were huge black spots at the root. This looked ill. One tooth looked healthy, yet it had a filling already, amalgam. This second step, to extract these teeth was good, too. Not only because 1 tooth was irreparable, but also because I can clean my teeth now more easily.
3. Today my teeth got cleaned. This was delegated to a specialist. This woman removed stones under my gums. Stones, yes, little ones, but stones. Don't ask me how stones can develop under the gums. They can, I saw it.
She also showed me how to clean my tongue. It's best to have a tool with a brush attached. One shall apply this brush as far as possible to the throat. In order not to get a feeling of sickness it's recommended to close the eyes. Afterwards I can use the mouth showering to clean my tongue with it additionally. One can imagine a tongue like grass and my tongue has long grass, so it's very likely that bacteria can hide there, too. Yep, it's all a bit sophisticated. :)
Now it comes, for those who read that far: There is no inflammation anymore under my gums. I rinsed my mouth with an antibacterial essence during the last weeks, yes, but was this enough to heal my chronic periodontists? I mean, I'm happy. It was not necessary to put antibiotics between my teeth. I must ask the dentist how this chronic illness disappeared overnight so to say. Yes, yes, my gums fit so much better. I feel it. It is as if I put on a tight sexy jeans and not a sloppy worn-out pair of trousers.
What am I glad that I ended the treatment with this cruel dentist who wanted to extract 11 teeth. I want and I will do a huge donation. I saved so much money! Nobody who is reading this can imagine how much I saved. I fell off my chair when I heard the price and I had sleepless nights because of this, too.
4. Next Monday they want to check my teeth after today's treatment and I'll talk to the dentist again. 'What's next' is the question. Of course one wants to remove my amalgam. For me this is more the mascara on my way to heal my gums. It's perfection that one wants to achieve. My amalgam is old and there shall be tiny gaps. Bacteria can enter the teeth there. Bacteria, what tiny beasts. Bacteria, there are such and such.........One shall not have prejudices not even towards bacteria.

I'm happy. Getting two teeth extracted was dramatic, the rest of the treatment was more than bearable.
I celebrated that these 3 important steps are done now in a garden restaurant with a garden salad and a cappuccino with soy milk.

I have a to do list for today. Some activities have a deadline. I postponed some of them already. Working on them comes first today.

There will be time for an Ashtanga yoga practice. I'm so looking forward to it.

Picture: The sky above Munich yesterday night.


Kent J. Taylor said...

Wow, what a dental adventure you are having!
Ashtanga yoga sounds pretty good to me.

Ursula Preiss said...

Indeed. Soon I'll be through. Yepee.

Ashtanga yoga keeps me strong, it improves life off the mat in many aspects. I gain skills like concentration. Yet not only.....

Anna said...

So happy that things are progressing well for you. Wonderful photograph.

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