Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I go

Now I've no excuses anymore. I go. I go to a Mysore class. Today M is the teacher. Only he can give me the adjustments I want and need. We became so many yoginis. This creates good group energy. This all pleases me. I can't wait till it's 8am, till I do my first inhale to initiate sun salutation.

During the time alone I strengthened my discipline muscle. This gives me a feeling of Independence. Not only this. I've the feeling I can rely on myself. When I want to do something, I do it also. Wow. Hahaha......This habit is contagious and I've the feeling I get more things done than in the past also in other areas of my life. But thoughts bluff. Perhaps they only reflect that I'm optimistic today, that I'm looking forward to the yoga class.

My teeth: I was asked about them, so I write about it. Thank you for caring. I prefer to talk about the wounds now, because the teeth are gone. The wound in the upper jaw, where this ill tooth was living, seems to be healed totally. This tooth was no loss anymore. It's life time was over. I can clean my teeth there much easier. This is a huge advantage if one has weak gums and when cleaning is the A and O to keep the gums safe and healthy.
The wound in the lower jaw can still be felt when I concentrate on it or when I touch it. This is not even discomfort anymore. I simply forget it when I'm busy. Yet here a valley was created. Between the last tooth and the ending of the mouth is a gap now. The last tooth appears like a high-rise that stand alone there. One can get used to it. The issue: even when I bite my food on the right side of the mouth it wanders to the left side and hides in that valley. After dinner my tongue and this must be by default is cleaning the teeth. Yet it's impossible for my tongue to clean that corner there. So the tongue sends a message to the hands: please I need help. Then the fingers fumble in my mouth. This IS bad manner. I really have to concentrate not to do this. My tongue must wait with its cleaning task and my fingers can be anywhere but not in my own mouth. Haha.....This is a tiny meditation. Everybody who meditates knows this. Suddenly it itches somewhere on the body. It can become so urgent that nothing else is important anymore. This is what one can learn: it's not necessary to follow each and every impulse. It's possible to observe and to move on.
If I'll eat out and I do it out not so seldom I have to see the restrooms to liberate my teeth from the rests of a dinner so that my tongue can relax for the rest of the evening.

I sip even coffee again. 
Yesterday I walked to the ice cream shop to get a sorbet for myself. I didn't like to go home straight, so I took another path to stroll around a bit. And what did I found: the cafe "Katzentempel". I had to go in. They even offer vegan food. Indeed, cats are walking around there. Me too, I wanted to caress them, but they didn't come to me. And I'm not a person who crawls on the floor behind a cat to catch one of the cuties to bother them with my caressing wishes. I'm a diva. Me too I wait till they come. Will we ever come together? Yes. This can happen. Something else reached out for me: a fly. It sat down on my feet and itched me. I love all animals. :)

Now my alarm clock reminded me to get up. But I'm up already. I got up at 5am.
So what's my plan today in the yoga class? Second series.


Anna said...

Your flowery / quirky prose was in full flight today - love it!

Ursula Preiss said...

Yeah, I had the feeling that there was swing in the air this morning. :)