Monday, July 15, 2013

I distinguish between exercising and practicing

Practicing means for me that I stick to one of the series. I go from one asana to the next and connect them with the vinyasas. Breaks shall happen as less as possible. To experience flow is one of the goals.

The longer I exercise a series, the more likely it becomes a practice.

The newer a series is to me, the more I exercise it. I have to, as it's not possible to perform all the asanas, neither the vinyasas. I add preparation asanas, I repeat the difficult ones. It might even happen that I omit the most challenging ones and add another similar one instead.
Today I exercised the third series. After 90 min my body and mind was exhausted.
I might want to exercise back bending in the evening too, because this is my weakness, but when it's evening I know that my body needs still time to recover and to integrate the exercises that I did in the morning.
That E is around me helps me, it helps to concentrate. I don't make breaks. Not making breaks means also that I sweat a lot which is part of Ashtanga yoga, too.
The asanas of third series go even deeper than what I already know. I guess I'll experience the same that I experienced when I started second series: That time back primary got easier. To challenge me more, will make the rest easier.

I remember a conversation in a yoga class: A student practiced an asana of primary, she probably hasn't done before. The teacher stopped her with the words: You stop here, you're not able to do this.
My view: if one is not able to do it, one has to practice it to be able to do it one day.

There is a standpoint that it makes more sense to work on the own strength than to try to get better at one's weaknesses. This might be true for business and also if one wants to profit from a person's abilities. In yoga we work on many aspects no matter if we like them or not or if we're good at it or not. With this we exercise an accepting attitude re the events in life.

Tomorrow I'll plan to do second series again. I'll spice it up with third series asanas. This shall be enough challenge.

Bari: The nights are especially gorgeous here. We walk around. It's warm till midnight, wind blows and cools the bodies a bit. On the benches sit people and enjoy the evenings. Children run around. We relax.

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