Friday, July 26, 2013

Ashtanga yoga and discipline

The discipline that I exercise with Ashtanga yoga also helps in other parts of life. This is no astonishing news.
To manage it to step on the mat to practice yoga strengthens the discipline muscle.

During the last 2 days I  managed it to make the bed in the morning, to take a shower, to buy healthy food and this all despite the pain because of the extracted wisdom teeth. I slept a lot, but I was able to create so much motivation that basic stuff got done. To brush my teeth is still not easy. I have not yet the courage to have a closer look to the huge gap that must be now in my mouth. One day I'll examine this part of my mouth, for sure. :) To be disciplined and to do at least some basic tasks helps to get back to an ordinary day.

I feel better. My cheek is also a tiny bit less swollen. I want to be active.

It's Friday and I feel even able to do some asanas, no vinyasas. Yeah, I think this is it now.

On Monday the next dentist session is on the schedule. Antibiotics shall be put below the gums. This all will last 2 hours. This word "antibiotics" alone drives me crazy already. Shall it help. This will be then the third important step to healthy teeth and healthy gums. I'm glad. The process is more exhausting than I thought.

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