Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adjusting the mind

On Sundays my yoga week begins. Second series was on the schedule today. It was hard. The body was stiff. I knew at once that doing it and getting through the series could be my only goal today. Not one asana was omitted. Nothing was repeated either. The stiff practices prepare the good ones. I so know it. Every day one has to find out again where the limits are. They move backwards and forwards. Also the tolerance to stand the stretching pain alters from day to day and it can even alter within a practice.

The attitude can help to have a satisfiying practice.
Wanting too much can sometimes have the opposite effect and nothing gets done at all.
I sweated a lot. At the end I was very happy.

Business meetings are over. This allows us to eat only once a day. This is more than enough. Also today we found a tiny restaurant where the Italians eat. It's no problem at all to get vegetarian meals, even though fish is offered here a lot. Vegetables, salads and pasta are my favorite dishes.

Tonight we'll stroll around again. Everybody does this here. The rhythm of life is adjusted to the weather. When it's hot here and this is during the day, it's siesta time. At night everybody is outside. Also the little ones run around till after midnight.


Anna said...

Sounds idyllic... Here in east coast Canada it's hot and humid so strolling isn't so pleasant - especially with my arm in a cast :-) When you say 'one meal a day', do you mean breakfast and then one meal?

Ursula Preiss said...

:) Breakfast and 1 meal. The breakfast is tiny, but I need to eat in the morning. Often I don't eat bread, yet a few vegetables or fruit. And coffee!