Monday, July 01, 2013

A new month, a new week.....

Good was that I started my practice at 10am (and not after 12am).
Good was that I didn't omit a single asana of second series.
Good was that I practiced 2 hours with only 2 little breaks. I got a phone call.  It was E and therefore very important. The second break happened when I had to empty my washing machine.

Otherwise I was so stiff, so incredible stiff after only 2 days off. I cursed.

I exercise discipline.
I exercise concentration
I exercise contentment.
And I get better at it.

I wish a happy second half of the year 2013, today it starts and a good start in a fresh week of course.

Picture is taken close to the Chiemsee.

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I have been there....Switch the laundry break. lol. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also started a blog if you want to stop by at

Thanks and keep up the good work!