Monday, July 22, 2013

A good start

I practiced at home second series. It has been a concentrated practice. No music was playing to keep me going. I am in peace also with the fact that the performance of many asanas were not good. What counts for me is that I accept my limits on a daily basis. They move forwards and backwards. I do a bit less when I think it feels better to do less. I know that I'm not a person who betrays herself. Doing less needn't mean to avoid what is difficult. It can be smart.

Highlight was my back bending today. :)

2 hours I practiced, 10 min meditation included. My mood level, but also my attitude is above average and my average mood is usually good, too. My yoga practice makes every day a tiny bit better, minimum.

I love to be back home. My mattress is the best. I slept so well last night. My sleep was deep. I even dreamt.
This morning I had half an apple, half a banana and my soy yogurt as breakfast. As usual.

My to do list is long for today.......better to start working on it.

Picture: I have a skirt on. I jump into the pose with both legs at the same time. Yet I think, when I want to be able to do handstand away from the wall, I have to learn to get slowly into the pose. It's worth a post on its own.

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