Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I go

Now I've no excuses anymore. I go. I go to a Mysore class. Today M is the teacher. Only he can give me the adjustments I want and need. We became so many yoginis. This creates good group energy. This all pleases me. I can't wait till it's 8am, till I do my first inhale to initiate sun salutation.

During the time alone I strengthened my discipline muscle. This gives me a feeling of Independence. Not only this. I've the feeling I can rely on myself. When I want to do something, I do it also. Wow. Hahaha......This habit is contagious and I've the feeling I get more things done than in the past also in other areas of my life. But thoughts bluff. Perhaps they only reflect that I'm optimistic today, that I'm looking forward to the yoga class.

My teeth: I was asked about them, so I write about it. Thank you for caring. I prefer to talk about the wounds now, because the teeth are gone. The wound in the upper jaw, where this ill tooth was living, seems to be healed totally. This tooth was no loss anymore. It's life time was over. I can clean my teeth there much easier. This is a huge advantage if one has weak gums and when cleaning is the A and O to keep the gums safe and healthy.
The wound in the lower jaw can still be felt when I concentrate on it or when I touch it. This is not even discomfort anymore. I simply forget it when I'm busy. Yet here a valley was created. Between the last tooth and the ending of the mouth is a gap now. The last tooth appears like a high-rise that stand alone there. One can get used to it. The issue: even when I bite my food on the right side of the mouth it wanders to the left side and hides in that valley. After dinner my tongue and this must be by default is cleaning the teeth. Yet it's impossible for my tongue to clean that corner there. So the tongue sends a message to the hands: please I need help. Then the fingers fumble in my mouth. This IS bad manner. I really have to concentrate not to do this. My tongue must wait with its cleaning task and my fingers can be anywhere but not in my own mouth. Haha.....This is a tiny meditation. Everybody who meditates knows this. Suddenly it itches somewhere on the body. It can become so urgent that nothing else is important anymore. This is what one can learn: it's not necessary to follow each and every impulse. It's possible to observe and to move on.
If I'll eat out and I do it out not so seldom I have to see the restrooms to liberate my teeth from the rests of a dinner so that my tongue can relax for the rest of the evening.

I sip even coffee again. 
Yesterday I walked to the ice cream shop to get a sorbet for myself. I didn't like to go home straight, so I took another path to stroll around a bit. And what did I found: the cafe "Katzentempel". I had to go in. They even offer vegan food. Indeed, cats are walking around there. Me too, I wanted to caress them, but they didn't come to me. And I'm not a person who crawls on the floor behind a cat to catch one of the cuties to bother them with my caressing wishes. I'm a diva. Me too I wait till they come. Will we ever come together? Yes. This can happen. Something else reached out for me: a fly. It sat down on my feet and itched me. I love all animals. :)

Now my alarm clock reminded me to get up. But I'm up already. I got up at 5am.
So what's my plan today in the yoga class? Second series.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just returned from the dentist.....

I recapitulate what was done by now:

1. There was cavities below my gums. Two teeth were affected. A huge herd of bacteria was removed with treating this.
2. Two wisdom teeth were extracted. The one looked really spoiled. I still regret that I haven't taken a picture. There were huge black spots at the root. This looked ill. One tooth looked healthy, yet it had a filling already, amalgam. This second step, to extract these teeth was good, too. Not only because 1 tooth was irreparable, but also because I can clean my teeth now more easily.
3. Today my teeth got cleaned. This was delegated to a specialist. This woman removed stones under my gums. Stones, yes, little ones, but stones. Don't ask me how stones can develop under the gums. They can, I saw it.
She also showed me how to clean my tongue. It's best to have a tool with a brush attached. One shall apply this brush as far as possible to the throat. In order not to get a feeling of sickness it's recommended to close the eyes. Afterwards I can use the mouth showering to clean my tongue with it additionally. One can imagine a tongue like grass and my tongue has long grass, so it's very likely that bacteria can hide there, too. Yep, it's all a bit sophisticated. :)
Now it comes, for those who read that far: There is no inflammation anymore under my gums. I rinsed my mouth with an antibacterial essence during the last weeks, yes, but was this enough to heal my chronic periodontists? I mean, I'm happy. It was not necessary to put antibiotics between my teeth. I must ask the dentist how this chronic illness disappeared overnight so to say. Yes, yes, my gums fit so much better. I feel it. It is as if I put on a tight sexy jeans and not a sloppy worn-out pair of trousers.
What am I glad that I ended the treatment with this cruel dentist who wanted to extract 11 teeth. I want and I will do a huge donation. I saved so much money! Nobody who is reading this can imagine how much I saved. I fell off my chair when I heard the price and I had sleepless nights because of this, too.
4. Next Monday they want to check my teeth after today's treatment and I'll talk to the dentist again. 'What's next' is the question. Of course one wants to remove my amalgam. For me this is more the mascara on my way to heal my gums. It's perfection that one wants to achieve. My amalgam is old and there shall be tiny gaps. Bacteria can enter the teeth there. Bacteria, what tiny beasts. Bacteria, there are such and such.........One shall not have prejudices not even towards bacteria.

I'm happy. Getting two teeth extracted was dramatic, the rest of the treatment was more than bearable.
I celebrated that these 3 important steps are done now in a garden restaurant with a garden salad and a cappuccino with soy milk.

I have a to do list for today. Some activities have a deadline. I postponed some of them already. Working on them comes first today.

There will be time for an Ashtanga yoga practice. I'm so looking forward to it.

Picture: The sky above Munich yesterday night.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The heat is good for Ashtanga yoga

A good start. It was afternoon when I started second series. It was hot and this made my body bendy. My teeth were forgotten. Only the wound in the lower jaw can still be felt a bit.

I omitted nakrasana when I realized that it didn't feel good. I forgot bakasana.

My trick: I practiced slowly. I wanted to stay in the asanas for so long till it felt good. I sweated and this felt excellent.

My right shoulder is still not 100% OK. Even worse, it drives me crazy. Where is the relaxed attitude? Also the mind needs some exercise.

What would I do without Ashtanga yoga? It's a practice I need.

And in a minute the German soccer ladies will have won the final match against the Norway! The ladies got excellent. I saw an impressive match.
Yepeeeeeee. Germany won the European cup. Wow. Congratulations.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mick Jagger - Just Another Night

Ashtanga yoga and discipline

The discipline that I exercise with Ashtanga yoga also helps in other parts of life. This is no astonishing news.
To manage it to step on the mat to practice yoga strengthens the discipline muscle.

During the last 2 days I  managed it to make the bed in the morning, to take a shower, to buy healthy food and this all despite the pain because of the extracted wisdom teeth. I slept a lot, but I was able to create so much motivation that basic stuff got done. To brush my teeth is still not easy. I have not yet the courage to have a closer look to the huge gap that must be now in my mouth. One day I'll examine this part of my mouth, for sure. :) To be disciplined and to do at least some basic tasks helps to get back to an ordinary day.

I feel better. My cheek is also a tiny bit less swollen. I want to be active.

It's Friday and I feel even able to do some asanas, no vinyasas. Yeah, I think this is it now.

On Monday the next dentist session is on the schedule. Antibiotics shall be put below the gums. This all will last 2 hours. This word "antibiotics" alone drives me crazy already. Shall it help. This will be then the third important step to healthy teeth and healthy gums. I'm glad. The process is more exhausting than I thought.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Antibiotics are not for me

Oh, I needed another "me in pain picture". The teeth topic is still current. I see, my hair got long. I made the picture smaller. Pain is less, too. Shall this small picture be a good omen that pain diminishes soon.
I think one should learn to handle a bit of pain. Every pill has a side effect. The stomach, the liver are important organs, too. It's good to learn methods to deal with pain and this is only possible when having pain. I'm not a hero here. When it's too much, it's too much, then I take one of these chemical clubs.

I also don't like air-conditioning. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes cold. The body has the ability to adjust. We can dress appropriate. We can drink more water when it's hot and drink more tea when it's cold. When it's colder we are perhaps more prolific, we have to slow down when it's warm. A human being is not a machine. Variety makes life interesting.

Yesterday I had stomach cramps. I vomited for hours. It was horrible. Nothing was left in my stomach anymore and it went on. I ate a dry piece of bread. Yet this too came out again with cramps. I think it's the antibiotics. If I had taken pain killers I wouldn't have been sure which pill caused this vomiting. It seems that my body cannot stand antibiotics. This is not good as the antibiotics should kill the inflammation under my gums.
I have to call the doctor today.

At night I got up and washed my face. This felt so good.

The wisdom teeth are out, this is good.
Pain is less. This is also good.
My cheek is thick like never, but I don't care. I'll cool it again.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sleep heals

After grocery shopping, I slept. When I can sleep I also need that sleep, I think. One pain killer was needed today. 'You shall not have pain', they told me on the phone when they wanted to make another appointment. Yet there is no pill without a side effect. I also think that one shall realize what's going on. For me pain is a guide. When in pain it's often a sign that something is not OK. In my case it means that my body needs time to heal. It tells me not to do Ashtanga yoga. I respect these messages.

My cheek is still super thick, but it's OK. With every hour I feel better. I'm very optimistic that tomorrow I feel better than today. Only a bit more than 24 hours are over since the surgery. This is not much.

I sweat a lot. Sometimes I think I've fever, but I don't have fever. It's warm here.

LOL, I've lost 2 pounds, my Italian sins melted away. And now I eat modest, no coffee, nothing spicy. Food must be easy to bite. To brush the teeth got easier.

Next Monday I've the next session. Then antibiotic will be placed under the gums to kill the bacteria everywhere. I must say I feel better already in general. So the decisions by now were good.

The night is over

Pain got worse and worse. In the middle of the night my E read the information and direction for use of ibuprofen, a pain killer. He reads different parts than me. I read the side effects, that's why I didn't like to take them. He reads how often one can take them. 4 times a day for grown-up people is possible. OK, I got weak. I had taken one in the afternoon, so another one was still within the recommendation. I took one and I could sleep.

The pain was awful. The wounds pulsated. For some time the wound in the upper jaw was attacked, then in the lower jaw . Then the heart beat jumped up and down. I observed. It's a sign of healing, I thought. It was bearable, but I couldn't sleep. After the pain killer I could.

The wounds were slightly blooding all the time. I had cotton batting between the wounds. From time to time I changed it.

Today I have a really swollen cheek. I had breakfast again. Eating is difficult. For lunch I'll eat steamed vegetables. To brush my teeth is difficult, but more for psychological reasons. I fear to touch the wounds and I fear that tooth paste can get into the wounds. That's why I also eat very carefully.

After breakfast I felt exhausted again. I relaxed on the bed. Yeah, it's so much better already. Yet I feel I have to take everything easy today. My body needs the energy to heal.

In about 10 days the dentist wants to see me again to check the wounds. So I guess by then all will be fine again.

No, I don't feel like doing vinyasas or inversions. It can be that I put my body in some easy asanas. It can be that I meditate. I respect the situation of my body. the wounds are big.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They are out

The first pain killers are taken. I'm cooling my left cheek, it's thick. Today 2 wisdom teeth got extracted between 1am and 2am. It lasted one hour and it didn't hurt. Awful  was the sound when the dentist tried to pull them out. It was as if he would break out all my teeth. It cracked.

I could shoot me to the moon that I haven't taken pictures of these huge teeth that were lying on the little table in front of me. I saw them when it was over. "Be glad that you're rid of it," said the dentist when the first one was out. Later I saw what he meant. The root was black. The bacteria had attacked the root already. It would have been impossible to remove this. The other tooth had a red root and looked healthier.
Yes, one tooth was extracted with nippers.

Then the dentist cleaned the wounds and the neighbor teeth and then he sewed the wounds.

The cheek is still half deaf.

I cannot do much. I want to eat, but this is not possible. The wound must heal first a bit. I'll drink water today. Coffee is a tabu for the next days, too.

This has been the second important step to heal my teeth. I'm glad that it's done now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A good start

I practiced at home second series. It has been a concentrated practice. No music was playing to keep me going. I am in peace also with the fact that the performance of many asanas were not good. What counts for me is that I accept my limits on a daily basis. They move forwards and backwards. I do a bit less when I think it feels better to do less. I know that I'm not a person who betrays herself. Doing less needn't mean to avoid what is difficult. It can be smart.

Highlight was my back bending today. :)

2 hours I practiced, 10 min meditation included. My mood level, but also my attitude is above average and my average mood is usually good, too. My yoga practice makes every day a tiny bit better, minimum.

I love to be back home. My mattress is the best. I slept so well last night. My sleep was deep. I even dreamt.
This morning I had half an apple, half a banana and my soy yogurt as breakfast. As usual.

My to do list is long for today.......better to start working on it.

Picture: I have a skirt on. I jump into the pose with both legs at the same time. Yet I think, when I want to be able to do handstand away from the wall, I have to learn to get slowly into the pose. It's worth a post on its own.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Three back bending exercises


Three exercises that help to get deeper into back bending. Before dropping back against the wall I do them.
It feels as these exercises prepare my body. On the pictures I don't see much difference.

I think I must trust that when I exercise back bending it will also improve!

I wish I had the energy to do a short back bending session in the evening.

Today is our last day here in Bari. We have a rental car for today and we'll be tourists before flying home. Next practice tomorrow at home.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pincha mayurasana

 Pincha mayurasana, yep, I still need the wall. To get into the pose is the challenge. I think I have to jump a bit. It could be helpful to balance with split legs.
And I have to learn how to fall.

For me it makes no sense to roll out of the pose. It's better to fall into urdhva dhanurasana. This is hard enough.

I know, I know, one day I wish that my feet touch the head. It's a long way to go. I'm excited: Will it happen one day?

My pictures show me the next steps. The front of the body, the hips must become more flexible. The splits will help here.

The old town in Bari

Every night we stroll around in the old town. At night the city wakes up. During the day eveybody seems to sleep. Even the little restaurants disappear at daylight. The alleys are empty. Yet at night chairs and tables are outside again and guests populate this old part of Bari.

The alleys are so small that one can look into the living room of the locals. A huge table, some chairs and a TV can be seen most of the time. The rooms are dark and protect the people from the heat.

Today is Saturday. I wonder if I shall practice? Looking at the meals that they offer here, I know I have to. I manage it most of the time to get something "vegano". I love it when my E likes to taste from my plate. A sorbet limone often finishes our meal.
Now I know it, I'll practice, free style and probably less than one hour, but yeah, I'll stretch. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013


Finally I had a relaxed practice. It's Friday and I did "only" primary. I remembered how I practiced decades ago. I loved the asanas, the form. This was my goal today: I moved my body into asanas and there I remained, breathed. Enjoyment was what I felt.

I sweated a lot. The weather was perfect again. It's 4:30 now and I'm still happy about my morning practice.

Siesta now. After an opulent meal. Vegano, they know the word here. Our dinner was excellent.

I left another valley behind me. Not that I had a perfect practice, but a most joyful one. To do it daily is the trick.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Primary today....

I did it. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
My practice felt better than the days before.
The performance was lousy, I don't judge, yet the feeling was better. When I'm able to take my legs behind my head (supta kurmasana) I forbid myself to complain.

Yes, I was happy that I practiced.
I took pictures of myself this morning and time went by too fast. The gap between shooting and lunch was small, but not too small for primary. This is my mantra: better to practice than not to practice.

Siesta time now. We deserve it after this lunch. Haha........

My new project: 365 days, every day a self-portrait. Here is the link. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I took it easy today. Yes, yes. I practiced and focused on second series. It was better than yesterday, but not good. Discipline is good. Just doing it, is it. The results are out of control. I'm entertained. I know that it's good that I practice every day. Whatever happens is what shall happen.

We've a routine here. At about 9:30 we've breakfast. Then we go back to our room, read a bit, I digest my tiny breakfast. Then I practice. Afterwards we have our opulent meal in one of the restaurants in walking distance. The choices are huge. Limoncello is the new sin. It finishes my meals. Then siesta. At night we stroll around.

For those who are interested in my pictures of Bari, here is my flickr link.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One hour

One hour I practiced the second Ashtanga series, then I gave up!!!!! Not forever, but for today. My belief was that 2 stiff practices in a row are enough. Then a good one must follow. This was a myth. Oh my was I stiff today.
Book titles came into my mind: 15 min of daily exercise are enough. The corresponding picture popped up in my mind, too. But I don't believe in that nonsense. I believe that hard work must happen.

One hour is one hour and it's so much more than nothing. I'm curious how fit and committed my body and mind will be tomorrow.

What is reliable here in Bari is the excellent weather. Everyday sunshine. I love it.

There are no Greek, Indian, Chinese restaurants here, but Italian ones of different levels. We enjoy the delicious food.......and our afternoon nap, too.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I distinguish between exercising and practicing

Practicing means for me that I stick to one of the series. I go from one asana to the next and connect them with the vinyasas. Breaks shall happen as less as possible. To experience flow is one of the goals.

The longer I exercise a series, the more likely it becomes a practice.

The newer a series is to me, the more I exercise it. I have to, as it's not possible to perform all the asanas, neither the vinyasas. I add preparation asanas, I repeat the difficult ones. It might even happen that I omit the most challenging ones and add another similar one instead.
Today I exercised the third series. After 90 min my body and mind was exhausted.
I might want to exercise back bending in the evening too, because this is my weakness, but when it's evening I know that my body needs still time to recover and to integrate the exercises that I did in the morning.
That E is around me helps me, it helps to concentrate. I don't make breaks. Not making breaks means also that I sweat a lot which is part of Ashtanga yoga, too.
The asanas of third series go even deeper than what I already know. I guess I'll experience the same that I experienced when I started second series: That time back primary got easier. To challenge me more, will make the rest easier.

I remember a conversation in a yoga class: A student practiced an asana of primary, she probably hasn't done before. The teacher stopped her with the words: You stop here, you're not able to do this.
My view: if one is not able to do it, one has to practice it to be able to do it one day.

There is a standpoint that it makes more sense to work on the own strength than to try to get better at one's weaknesses. This might be true for business and also if one wants to profit from a person's abilities. In yoga we work on many aspects no matter if we like them or not or if we're good at it or not. With this we exercise an accepting attitude re the events in life.

Tomorrow I'll plan to do second series again. I'll spice it up with third series asanas. This shall be enough challenge.

Bari: The nights are especially gorgeous here. We walk around. It's warm till midnight, wind blows and cools the bodies a bit. On the benches sit people and enjoy the evenings. Children run around. We relax.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Adjusting the mind

On Sundays my yoga week begins. Second series was on the schedule today. It was hard. The body was stiff. I knew at once that doing it and getting through the series could be my only goal today. Not one asana was omitted. Nothing was repeated either. The stiff practices prepare the good ones. I so know it. Every day one has to find out again where the limits are. They move backwards and forwards. Also the tolerance to stand the stretching pain alters from day to day and it can even alter within a practice.

The attitude can help to have a satisfiying practice.
Wanting too much can sometimes have the opposite effect and nothing gets done at all.
I sweated a lot. At the end I was very happy.

Business meetings are over. This allows us to eat only once a day. This is more than enough. Also today we found a tiny restaurant where the Italians eat. It's no problem at all to get vegetarian meals, even though fish is offered here a lot. Vegetables, salads and pasta are my favorite dishes.

Tonight we'll stroll around again. Everybody does this here. The rhythm of life is adjusted to the weather. When it's hot here and this is during the day, it's siesta time. At night everybody is outside. Also the little ones run around till after midnight.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A relaxing day

Blablablablalba, I've no idea what to write. I only wanted to publish one of my shots, that I've taken today in this hotel room. This room is perfect for yoga and for shooting sessions. What luck.

Night life in Bari goes till the morning hours.

The party in the streets continues till far after midnight. It's warm here. The streets, alleys and places are crowded at night and deserted during the day. Children play outside.

At midnight we met friends in the old town for a drink. At 3am we were in bed.

Saturday: I relax and focus on my photography. Saturday is my day off from yoga.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hotel life in Bari, Italy

Hotel rooms if not too small are perfect for yoga practices and for shooting.
We adjust to the Southern Europe life style. We make siesta in the afternoon when it's hot outside. The hotel room has air conditioning. Life takes place at night till after midnight.

Today I practiced primary. It was so hard. I could put my legs behind my head. This consoled me. The worst were the vinyasas. My own preaching shows me the way. To practice is the goal when it's hard. Just doing it. Every single practice is important. No excuses.

Bari, Italy

The weather is so reliable good here. During the day the city is almost deserted. Yet at night everybody is out. The places are crowded. Children are playing outside till after midnight.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

There is a tiny bit of cheese in it.....

A dinner in Bari, Italy

 The starter: Eggplants with asparagus and a tiny bit of cheese.

The main course: Inexcusable, but I don't remember the name of the pasta anymore which came with zucchini and a  pesto.

The dessert: A sorbet with berries.

"There is a tiny bit of cheese in it. CAN YOU EAT THIS?"

Don't say anything wrong now, I thought and said: That's perfect, parfetto, parfetto.

The Italians are the best.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bari, Italy

I'm in love already with this beautiful city in the south of Italy. Redundant to say that the weather is excellent.

Good that I had posted such a wise quote by Sharath yesterday. Yep, at the end it's important to practice, some practices are good others bad. Mine was super-lousy today. I could accept it and didn't exaggerate. After an hour I finished my practice with 10 min meditation. I'm so happy that the room is large enough for a practice.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A quote by Sharath

You should not be practicing to have a “good” practice, but instead to keep steadiness within yourself.
Practice happily regardless of whether it is “good” or not. Sometimes some postures will not be possible, but when you accept the good and the bad and everything becomes equal for you, that is yoga."

~ R. Sharath Jois

The daily asana practice has an influence on how we feel on a daily basis. The ups and downs come together and combine to a "peace of mind" feeling. 

Time to pack my suitcase. Next post comes from Italy. :) :) 

Monday, July 08, 2013

The class reunion

On Saturday we had a class reunion. It has been 35 years that I've left school. After school we all walked in different directions. And how I found out, also those who didn't move to another city didn't meet each other after school that often, if at all.

I've been in a school for girls only. Who do I remember, I wondered before going? Not so many of my school friends came into my mind. I couldn't remember the faces. Yet I was sure that everybody would recognize me. This has been indeed the big surprise: NOBODY recognized me, not even my closest former girl-friends. Hahaha.......I had to say my name and then they remembered me and said: Yeah, of And we hugged each other....

G came from Munich, too. We've seen each other sometimes and she recognized me of course, the only one. Some women have changed a lot, others looked like they've looked 35 years ago. G said: the longer I sit here among you, the more you're familiar to me. We laughed but so it was. Gestures and voices added made it easier to remember a person. The character of a person remained the same. Some were elegant, some sportive, some cordially, some outgoing some critical, some funny as they have been 35 years ago. The longer the evening lasted the more we became the girls we've been.

I also had forgotten that I had cut my bangs in zigzag. 2 women told me this. Yet this fits to me. I was described as unconventional, this fits, too.

Many have children, some are even grandmothers, some are divorced and remarried, others are married for more than 33 years. Some remained super slim, others gained some pounds. 2 used to live in America for a couple of years. Everybody was in best mood.

Our next reunion shall be sooner, we were all sure.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Primary, spiced up with third series asanas

Oh yes, I had an intensive practice. Friday is primary day and I also focused on the asanas and vinyasas of this first series. Yet I spiced up the practice with third series asanas.

I had to try eka pada bakasana B after having seen Kino MacGreggor's YouTube video yesterday. I learn so much from her. She's indeed one of my few online yoga teachers. Here is her channel. She understand the poses, she is able to explain them and she also can perform them.

When an asana and the vinyasa is difficult, I start to learn the asana and I add the vinyasa later. Nevertheless it can be the key to perform an asana if one knows how to get into it.

I added 7 asanas from third series and made a sign in my list consisting of third series asanas. This motivates me, it gives me an overview what I've done. If I don't practice an asana I cannot expect to be able to perform it. It's that simple. After having exercised an asana 10 times I want to take a picture in order to learn from the picture. Feelings differ from what I usually see. Dristi in the above picture is the nose and one looks forward. To be honest, I was happy to be in that pose and I waited desperately till my camera would make click. The dirsti was not in my mind.
Oh, this is surely not the classic way how I learn third series. But at the end of second series, I'm usually done. That's why I add third series asanas during primary and second series.

When I practice at home I exercise discipline, concentration, contentment. And I work on the 20% that make the difference. I know my weaknesses and on those I focus much more during my home practices than in classes. So today also the vinyasas of primary were a focus.

I'm so in love with this practice. :)

After every yoga practice I've amazing plans what to do next. I feel so good that I'm dreaming big. Twice a day I want to practice. Yet I know it's better to be down to earth. Tomorrow is Saturday. To respect a day off from an intensive practice is reasonable.

I'll be on the road again on Saturday. My school colleagues have organized a meeting. Most of them I've seen 30 years ago the last time. I can only remember few. I won't have much time for an intensive yoga practice and it's OK. I go with the flow.......

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Priority: the teeth

No, I cannot say that I had slept well last night. This is so. One night I sleep well, the next night not. It was not because of my teeth.
Yet today at 10am I had an appointment at the dentist. Too early I was downtown. I walked around and found a new shop with everything in it. The goods distracted me. At 9:45 I sat in the waiting room and I started sweating. Hahaha....a bit later than 10am the treatment started. I got 2 injections. It didn't hurt. Nothing hurt. After some time I was so exhausted from keeping my mouth open, that my chin started trembling. Relax, I was told. I relaxed, and my chin stopped trembling. At the end they showed me the work in a mirror. The 2 teeth look great. The amalgam is removed, which is good, too. And the caries is out. The teeth were saved in the last minute.

The entire afternoon my left cheek was paralyzed. Now my face is lively again. I ate to test this function. The bite is not yet perfect. A bit of filling must still be removed. Next time.

My next appointments will be in 3 weeks or so. Then my wisdom teeth (3) get removed. They work only on one side, so it requires 2 appointments to get them all removed. My wisdom teeth have amalgam fillings, too. When they get extracted the amalgam will be removed, too, which is perfect. In addition it will be easier to clean my teeth. My quality of life will improve. I'm in peace with this next step, too. Many people don't have wisdom teeth anymore.

A warm bath relaxed me in the late afternoon. Yeah, I'm confused about the new feeling in my mouth. I'll get used to it. And one can still better it.

I thought I'd practice yoga, but this was not possible. My teeth had priority today. I was exhausted, mentally.

Twice my pomodoro timer ran. Once to get some chores done, once to update my blog on photography. I experimented with double exposure yesterday and today (see picture above). It's fun. (Oh, the text of the blog is in German, yet the 2 picture are understandable internationally).

My plan for tomorrow: primary!!!!!

To start activities is an art, to finish them, too......

Amazing what I accomplish when I don't practice yoga. 2 days off from time to time is OK as I usually catch up with everything else.

In the last 2 days I realized how important it is to finish an activity. Quickly one can get lost. Sometimes I read a novel and if it's a page turner, why not forgetting everything else. Yes, yes.....that's exciting.

Other activities need an end. I went through my old files and deleted unimportant ones. My PC is full. This forced me to use an extern storage. There I store my pictures now. There is electronic clutter. I let go. It's amazing how fast time runs if one dives into the past. I didn't reread old stuff, I only got rid of it. I "lost" one day with this activity. In the evening I wondered where my time went.

I'm fine-tuning my skills in organizing. I started writing down how many pomodoro (1 pomodoro is 25 min of work) I do. It's motivating, it also shows where the time goes. 8 pomodoro is absolutely great. Most people who work with this system don't do more either. If the pomodoro runs one works very concentrated, this is not possible for a very long time. One also needs days off.
I'm more consequent in using the pomodoro and in writing down what I do.

Time to move on. Today the treatment of my teeth starts. The caries under the gums gets removed. I'm happy, yes happy that this step gets done today. It's the first step to healthy teeth. You will feel better afterwards, the dentist told me. I'm sure I'll be.

Monday, July 01, 2013

A new month, a new week.....

Good was that I started my practice at 10am (and not after 12am).
Good was that I didn't omit a single asana of second series.
Good was that I practiced 2 hours with only 2 little breaks. I got a phone call.  It was E and therefore very important. The second break happened when I had to empty my washing machine.

Otherwise I was so stiff, so incredible stiff after only 2 days off. I cursed.

I exercise discipline.
I exercise concentration
I exercise contentment.
And I get better at it.

I wish a happy second half of the year 2013, today it starts and a good start in a fresh week of course.

Picture is taken close to the Chiemsee.