Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's the next tiny step????

What's the next tiny step? 
This question helps me to get going, not only in yoga, but in life, too.
Imaging the result might be overwhelming. If the task seems too big, it can be that one doesn't start at all. Yet what seems doable, gets done easier.

Ashtanga yoga is a challenging yoga practice. Beginners, advanced beginners and advanced students have surely one experience in common: There are always asanas that are so demanding that they seem undoable. If one breaks the asana down into tiny steps one might be able to do it. Sometimes it might take years till it is masters, but in yoga we're not in a hurry. :)

I struggled with viswamitrasana since this pose was introduced to me. This pose kills me, I thought. I was not able to hold it for a fracture of a second. It frustrated me. So I searched the web and I found a video that explained how to learn it. On the picture you see my next tiny step that I exercise. I focus on stretching the leg first. The balancing aspect of the pose I'll add later. I'll exercise this variation till I feel good at it. By now, even it might look easy, it's an effort that I've to put into the current form.

Parighasana from second series prepares this pose. Sometimes I do it before exercising viswamitrasana.

It has been an intensive practice yesterday. As usual before the middle part I do asanas that need some extra attention. Among these asanas are asanas from first series and second series: I always exercise supta parsvasahita, hanumanasana. I focus on 2 asana and 1 vinyasa. That's all, yet this strategy seems to show progress.

Yesterday I focused on the third series asanas, a few of them. Today I'll focus rather on the second series. I'll spice it up with some third series asanas. That way I've all the back bending asanas earlier, which is good as I've still more concentration and strength in the beginning of a practice.

Better to practice than to talk about it.

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