Tuesday, June 04, 2013


1. I couldn't sleep in last night. Again.
2. Then I had nightmares.
3. In the morning I didn't get up.
4. The kitchen is a MESS.
5. My weight drives me crazy.
6. Questions came up like: Which world is my world?
7. LOL. What a morning.

First step: Landing.
Second step: Making the bed.
Third step: Cleaning the kitchen.

Then I can think of practicing yoga, better more doing than thinking...........


Kitharo said...

Hey U :-)
is your backbending more intense these days? Troubles with sleeping and nightmares could be related to releasing the spine further. In fact I remember Kino saying in one of her workshops that it's pretty common to experience insomnia with intense backbending. (funny, I just skipped to your last post and you talked about backbending... maybe I'm right :-)

May it resolve soon... sleep's so important!



Ursula Preiss said...

Funny, but I've the feeling as if my back bending is improving...:)

Perhaps this is indeed the reason. I'd love if it is the reason. Lately I didn't nap, so I must be tired at night, but I'm not.

It will pass.
And hoepfully and finally I'll stand up from urdhva dhanurasana.

Have a nice evening, Julian.

Anna said...

Love this post!
Me too, nightmares last night.
But today I scattered my mother's ashes in the River Thames and the sun shone on us all and I feel at peace.
See what amazing things are going on in our own little corners of the world!

Ursula Preiss said...

OH Anna!
I'm glad that you feel at peace.
Death is so for eternity.
It's a wonderful gestures that you took over to scatter her ashes in the River Thames. A moment you'll surly never forget.
Everything passes and this is probably even good, even though we don't want to see it always.
It's the best what can happen to you, to see the sweet little things in life. Just enjoying my coffee. The sun is out, my kitchen is clean again, that's how life is.
I hug you, dear Anna.

Anna said...

Dear Ursula, thank you for reminding us every day of the joy. x