Saturday, June 01, 2013

The path and the goal are not in competition with each other

Often business books emphasize how important it is to have a goal and a deadline for this goal.

Yoginis focus more on the path, the daily practice. It goes so far that one says: the path is the goal.

Yet I think path and goal complement each other. They don't need to be in competition.

To have no goal at all in my yoga practice is a bit as if one walks in a dark forest and one doesn't know where to go. On the other hand to have only the goal in mind, i.e. being able to do karandawasana, can make the practice frustrating. To take out the ambition to accomplish a goal can bring joy to the practice. Doing something just because it's fun and because it feels good is absolutely OK.

Re yoga I know my goals and the path. The goals are short term goals and long term goals. I want to be able to perform the asanas and finally all the 4 Ashtanga series. Yet I also want to sustain a daily practice. The daily practice is the path. Tiny steps shall lead me to my goals.

Deadline: Not that one shall never ever give up anything. But the danger exist that one gives up something too early that one loves to do. Why should I give up my photography only because it's not yet as successful as I wish it were? Perhaps in a few years or a decade it shows fruit. A deadline needn't to mean that a project is dead after a set date. Most things need more time than estimated. Perhaps steps need to be adjusted or changed to get where one wants to be. For me a deadline intensives my activities within a given time frame. A deadline doesn't kill my projects.
Life becomes easier for me when I know where I want to go, but when I take it easy.
Life becomes easier for me when I focus on the next tiny step.
This seems to be a successful pattern.

I'm enjoying the first hour of the day. The city is still calm. My bitter and black coffee is good. It's the 1st June. The resolutions can be refreshed. Hahaha........One can remember the goals and the path that shall lead to the goals. In June I won't omit a yoga practice and I'll eat modest and I won't go to restaurants so often and and and......hahaha.........

Might be that we know the path or the goal or perhaps neither. What will happen is out of our control.......

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