Friday, June 14, 2013

The analysis - the teeth and gum topic

By now my teeth got x-rayed as a first analysis. That's past and done by the money dentist.
Today the depth of my gum pockets were measured. The dental hygienist had an instrument that she led between gum and teeth, the measurement of the depth of the gum pockets happened electronically. At once the result was shown on a screen where one could see the teeth and then the result of the measurement. Critical depth were shown in red. Good parts were indicated in black. This is the latest standard was my feeling.

The analysis is the basis for a suggestion for a therapy. This is why it's so important. Of course one must be able to read the results.

The next 2 steps are clear now. The treatment is conservative.
1. At the end of June my 2 wisdom teeth get extracted. Wisdom teeth are considered as redundant and trouble makers. Mine never made troubles, but they are difficult to clean. Shall they go to nirvana. "Your body will thank you when they are out," the dentist told me. It can even be. The smaller the inflammation is, the better it is for my body.
2. At the end of July a profound cleaning is on the schedule. It will last 2 hours. This seems to me even more important.

What comes after that depends on how my body will react to that treatment.

I was glad to hear that I clean my teeth very well. After every meal I do the whole show. Sometimes I don't want to eat because afterwards I have to clean my teeth. Yet usually I eat and I brush my teeth. :)

I'm relieved.

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