Saturday, June 22, 2013

Supta kurmasana, the second core asana of primary

Supta kurmasana is the second core asana of primary. It's an important pose. More legs behind head poses will come.

The proportions of the body dictate if the feet are crossed in front of the head or behind the head. Yoginis with very long legs can cross them in front of the head.

I leaped ahead with this pose when I had started second series. The leg behind head poses in second series are easier than the above pose. More precise: to put one leg behind the neck (eka pada sirsasana) is easier than to put two legs behind the head. To do this pose while lying on the floor is also easier, then the pose is called yoga nidrasana.

My fingers are hooked. I'm working on reaching the wrist of the left arm with my right hand. It might help to stretch the legs forward to bring them closer to the body.

It can take years till one might be able to do this pose.
This pose can become comfortably.

It was as if a milestone has been reached when I could finally get into the pose without any adjustment.

What is left is to work on an elegant vinyasa around this asana........:)


lilasvb said...

you are inspiring

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for the compliment. :)