Friday, June 21, 2013

Primary with interruptions

Marichyasana D is the first core asana out of four from all the primary asanas. Today is Friday, around the globe the Ashtanga yoga practitioners are busy with the first series. How awesome is this....:) Me too, I focused on primary.

My practice was interrupted twice. I expected one phone call, but I thought it would last 5 min or so, yet it lasted 45 min. The weather allowed me to go on even after such a long break. My body was still soft. But I didn't spice up my series with third series asanas. Only viranchyasana B I added, and hanumanasana of course.....Motivation is good these days, discipline, too.

Urdhva dhanurasana: This morning I read a story of a woman who lost a lot of pounds. She was too fat and wanted to become slim again after her third baby. It motivated her to take pictures of herself on a regular basis in a bikini. To take pictures of my back bending asanas on a more regular basis could be a good idea for me, too. It could motivate me to work more on my back bending issues.
I'm glad that my shoulders are almost OK again. No adjustments anymore from inexperienced assistants. So looks my back bending these days. It feels better as I'm almost healed, yet injuries are always a setback. Pictures tell the truth. I'm still far away to see my feet. When seeing the feet, one says, then one can stand up from this pose.
What helps me a lot is that I work on hanumanasana. It stretches the front part of the hips.

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