Thursday, June 13, 2013

My minimalistic days

One task must be done every day. This is the duty.
The rest is fun or because life flows so smoothly. Today it flows.
Yesterday I felt stuck as soon as  E's bicycle was at the bicycle doctor. I was not even in the mood to read. I was waiting for the evening party at a beer garden. The photographer "Der Stilpirat" made a tour through Germany to meet his followers. Almost 20 people joined and it was interesting to talk about photography with these people of all walks of life. Some focus on weddings and workshops, one woman loves to take pictures of newborn, 2 men had photography as a hobby and a contrast to the job. It's planned to meet again.
I called E when I left the beer garden. In the middle between beer garden and our home we met and on our common way home then we stopped at the Croatia restaurant to have a last drink. For me it was water. Non sparkling. It's enough when I'm sparkling and I had a lot to tell........this is an asset of myself that I love to talk. :)

The task today was to get the water tap repaired in the kitchen. It was dropping all the time. A plumber in the house means cleaning. Under the sink I removed the dust. My shelves for spices were the next spot that I cleaned. It had to be. A kitchen needs to be clean. I was not too lazy to put the carpet into the washing machine. Yep, there is still time to clean the floor.
Probably I've too much stuff. This makes cleaning difficult and time-consuming. Yet it can be done. No excuses. And discarding things, space clearing so to say is part of the game, too. Always.

In December we'll move out from here. But by then I cannot neglect our home. The thought came up already, but I discarded it.

A yogini loves a simple life.
At least the direction is clear.

A simple life creates time for asana practice.


Anonymous said...

How exciting for you and your dear E! May your transition to your new living space be a smooth one..I'm decluttering and detoxing - feeling better than I have in MONTHS, if not years. As usual, your posts are a good influence for me.. daily yoga must be part of this equation. As important as breath, is yoga, yes? Yes!

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Debb,

It's so good to declutter. Always. It usually starts with things and it ends with old concepts that have to go. It's about travel lighter. Getting rid of things allows new things to come to us. And who knows what this can be....:)

Yes, yoga is important to me. It's how I care for my body and my mind. I never ever regretted an hour that I had spent on the mat.

I wish you peace of mind, dear Debb and wonderful practices.

Anna said...

Exciting! I love moving on. And now we are renting a place in Toronto: staying near my brother - we're open to 'nomading' for a while. I am getting so excited about my new yoga regime at a wonderful studio in the city. Will you tell us where you're going soon?
PS. The tap was 'dripping'.