Saturday, June 29, 2013

Manage your day to day....

I'm interested in organizing. Our world has changed in the last decades and if one has the feeling not to have time enough, the topic "how to manage the day...." is an interesting one. I found a book to that topic. Successful people  share their insights on how they manage their lives, how they accomplish goals, also long-term goals.

I want to share one tip that can be useful for yoga practitioners:
For most of us it's easier to start activities that show quick results. Yet we also might want to accomplish things that don't show quick results, like writing a book, or passing an exam, learning a language. It requires much more energy to work on these tasks than to answer Emails i.e.

To be sensitive to the different tasks is in my view already important: Some tasks give quick reward, others not. They require another attitude.

To learn new yoga poses is one of the activities that doesn't show quick results. I work on some poses for years, not 2 or 3, but 5 years and even longer.

How to stay motivated? The book "Manage your day to day: Build your routine, find your focus, and sharpen your creative mind" by  Jocelyn K. Glei gives ideas.

For those tasks that don't give instant gratification one can create rewards. An example: I try to learn the splits. It will last months. Instead of focusing on the goal I can focus on how often I've exercised this pose. It's recommended to write it down. To write a diary is a perfect tool to document the effort and mini goals.
In other words: make meassurable what you do.

Another goal for me is to learn the third Ashtanga series. I avoid it somehow, progress doesn't show up.
I created a list in an Excel sheet with all the asanas of third series. I printed it out. Whenever I exercise one of the asanas I make a sign next to the name of this asana. When I've exercised it 10 times, I'll take a picture of this pose. Pictures always motivate me. I'm sure that I'll also see progress.

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Happy weekend.


Debb said...

Wonderfully helpful post, dear U.. I like lists, otherwise I can aimlessly wander around my home being distracted by "whatever".. I use my variation of the pomodoro technique - 30 minutes 'work' and 10 min break, if needed. And, to add rewards is good. My reward is often time spent reading your blog - always insightful or inspiring - never boring. And, of course, my shopping on Amazon always directed accessed through your blog. :)

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you very much, dear Debb.

This year a new calender 2014 is coming!!!! Might it be helpful. :)

Debb said...

I will definitely look forward to the calendar.