Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's call it bhakti yoga

A friend from the US moved to India. Not a months there she cares and collects for the needy dogs. I donated and afterwards I felt so good. I always love to do something for the animals. It makes me happy when I can do it. Money can help.

It's a good habit to think what to give and who to give. It can serve as a motivation to get going with the own projects. And it helps others. It opens the heart, it makes sensitive.
Some might worry about nature.
Some like to help when there is flooding or another catastrophe. Not that I want you to look for misery in that world.
There are a lot of situations that require money: education for girls i.e.
Perhaps someone needs someone who can listen for a while......
Be creative.

It's good to give and it's good to take. It belongs together. One can cultivate both.

Bhakti yoga was my yoga today. Asanas will be practiced tomorrow again.

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