Monday, June 17, 2013

In best mood......

Monday: Till the end of June is still the summer hole.....hahaha.....this means that M is still absent. Self-practice is offered and new Ashtanga studios came into being.

I want to strengthen my discipline. At home I can better work on my weak points. For the time being I think it helps me more to work on the asanas that are not so good than to whip myself through one or even one and a half series. I know many back bending asanas that prepare kapotasana. When I do them before this deep back bending it becomes easier. After 2 years I see no progress, this means something goes wrong, because I do progress in general.

My practice will be hard today, but perhaps one shouldn't write, say or even think this. Too many days off in a row. Performing the asanas better and better is a side product of daily practice. Focus shall be the breath today and not the performance of the asanas. It's my goal to stay on the mat. This betters the ability to concentrate.

Excuses why I had days off are numerous, reasons to get back to the daily practice are convincing.
When M will be back I want to be ready to work more intensively on third series. I'm motivated. Yep.

Time to practice.......

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