Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garbha pindasana, the third core asana of the first Ashtanga yoga series

Gargha pindasana is the third core asana of the first Ashtanga series. This makes sense, too. It's the first time that lotus pose comes into play. Lotus pose is a classic and important for meditation.

The first step here is indeed to feel good in lotus pose.

Then one can try to "force" the arms through the folded legs. Many use water, but for me this is a prop, too. I don't want to be unable to do the pose because I don't have a watering pot with me. In addition it interrupts the flow. Yoginis who need water, stop their practice, walk around, search the water pot, ask other yoginis where it can be. This all is distraction.

What helps:
- The quality of your clothes. Some are smoother than other and allow gliding easier
- Lotion on the arms before practice might help, too. I usually don't put lotion on my body before practice. I don't want to have my skin so slippery. All that lotions.........I don't need that so much, but it can help, especially in the beginning.
- What helped me most was to understand this pose. I fold my legs to padmasana. Then I lift the above foot a bit higher. That way I create space and I can stretch my arm easily through it. To stretch the second arm through the folded legs is a bit more demanding. I twist it through the legs and I pull with my other hand, too.

This pose has also a dynamic phase. Here one can see if you've understood how to breathe. Rolling backwards means exhaling, coming up means inhaling. If you don't breathe correctly it might be impossible to come up.

I roll 9 times. Some roll 5 times. I need a bit longer to make one round. More important is the breath.

It's not my favorite pose, but I don't omit it.

Currently I'm working on flying out of the pose via mayurasana. It's volatile. Sometimes it's possible, sometimes not. The vinyasas are as important as the asanas. Have fun.


Anna said...

Hurrah! Love the new banner. You look sort of theatrical in this shot - beautifully simple :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

I've been waiting for your "Hurrah!" Lol.

It was you who pushed me. So! Glad you like it. It kept me awake till 2am last night. It was fun.

Anna said...

Absolutely fabulous - graceful ageing is inherently beautiful.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna.

My photography is also developing. Slowly,yeah, but it moves something.

Have great times in Canada.