Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Monday was a good yoga day. I focused on the third series.  A lot is to explore. Beside the leg behind head poses, third series has a lot of arm balancing asanas.

If I've difficulties to balance, I wonder: 
1. Do I engage the bandhas and the relevant muscle for this pose?
2. Are those body parts that are on the floor firmly grounded?
3. How is the breath and dristi?

The biggest obstacle when practicing balancing poses is fear.
What can happen I wonder? One can fall out of a pose. In 99% the shock is the worst.

The better the technique, the less strength is needed.

I exercised galavasana perhaps 3 times in my life. My body and mind seem to be ready for this pose. I was surprised that I could do it.

In Ashtanga yoga the vinyasas are equally important. So I also tried to get into the pose from headstand. It was possible. It even seemed a bit easier to get into the pose from headstand than from standing position.

This was Monday.

Yesterday my practice was not so cheerful. After 90 min energy left me and I stopped. These ups and downs are part of the practice. To develop a relaxed attitude to all happenings is the mental exercise. Yoginis are relaxed fellows, aren't they? :)

And today? I'm ready again to focus on the back bending asanas of second series.

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