Thursday, June 06, 2013

From chaos to clarity

Can I still remember how my online presence started? I think a very first step was to get an Email at Yahoo. Then much later I found blogger and joined. Then I changed to Google with my Email. I was invited to be on Facebook. Then Google+ was a must. Where to show my pictures? Quickly I was on a German platform and flickr, too. Oh, I forgot Ebay and all the other sales pages. And Amazon, yes amazon........

How to organize it?

I read it several times, it was highly recommended, but during the last days I got active: I have a domain and a website with my name. I know the word "name" is a keyword and one can discuss it weeks and months. I had no better idea but to take my own name. This website is now the center, the sun. All the other websites I'll link to this site. They float around this sun. This website with my domain name will be on my business card and nothing else. Sigh. This is a structure.
I'll link this website when it's grown a bit more, even though I'm already rather happy with it.

I worked on it till after midnight yesterday, I desperated, had highlights, was challenged and admired the results.

A timer is not also useful to get started, but to stop an activity. Online work can absorb a lot of time.

Also today it was 6pm when I gave myself a break from this work.
A status update of a yogini gave me the last kick to step on the mat and to practice primary. It was good, no, rather excellent.

Again I think: Also doing sun salutations and 10 min meditation is a practice. This is better than nothing. I still want too much too often. When other tasks have priority it's not necessary to skip yoga 100%. To practice a bit is sooooooo good already.

I hope I remember this tomorrow morning as I'll be on the road again. American friends are here and it's very nice that we can be a guide for a day.

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