Wednesday, June 05, 2013


This picture was my work yesterday. Hahaha.......Our topic of the week in my women photography group has been "food".
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I also cleaned. In the evening I worked on my photography business, this time the business aspect was my focus. I'm working on a website.

I didn't even intent to get up at a set time this morning. When well-rested, when my eyes should open, I wanted to get up. And it feels good. I enjoyed my cup of coffee. I feel ready for the day and its surprises.

My rooms are clean again, which is also a joy.

Relaxed I can step on my mat today again. I'm looking forward to my practice.
More than ever I work on my hip flexibility. This is the focus what ever asana I practice. This is really basic insights, but often neglected. Yoginis want to reach the toes when they move forward in paschimottanasana i.e., but the goal is to enlarge the movement of the hips. Of the movement of the hips enlarge, it's a piece of cake to bind the the hands behind the feet.

My yoga improves my concentration.
Yet all other activities that I do focused do the same. My tip is really. Ask yourself what you want to do for the next 25 min. It can be anything: cleaning, reading, writing. Then set a timer and work on that task till the time is over. This simple method saves my days again and again. I tend to plan too much every day and this overwhelms me from time to time. Then nothing gets done at all. When I set my timer life flows again.

Peace of mind.

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