Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every Ashtanga yoga practice betters my day

Yesterday I practiced second series. I forgot bakasana, hahahaha.......but this is OK.

Today I practiced also second series with focus on back bending. After 2 hours my concentration faded away. Then I did the finishing sequence even though I was not through the entire series. I think my strategy is good. I do much more back bending asanas before kapotasana than intended. But this helps me to get deeper into kapotasana and more important I like to do it then because my back is so much more prepared for this deep back bending.

Yesterday I practiced 2 hours without breaks and today 2 hours 15. I measured the time, because most studios offer Ashtanga classes that last 90 min. If I want to focus on flow and primary series this might be enough time. Otherwise it's too short. I don't want to hurry when doing yoga.

One core asana of second series is pashasana........I spend some more time here, too. Main changes is that I don't roll back on my heels anymore. I start twisting with both feet flat on the floor. I rolled back now for 4 years with only tiny improvement. The new method to get into the pose seems to help me.

Motivation and ambition are back.

The weather also makes a difference. It's hot here now. The balcony doors were open when I practiced. It was wonderful. The heat makes me sweating. The body is so much softer.

Healthy eating is supportive. I enjoyed my salad.

I wish you energy that takes you to the mat.


Anna said...

Oh no. I am in Canada, about to begin special yoga lessons and yesterday i broke my arm. So now I must focus energy on healing to get to the mat in August. Such a stupid 3 second calamity -and all plans must change... We can only observe and be entertained, as you say, Ursula.

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh no. Dear Anna how did this happen? Impossible. Yeah, stay cool, this is an exercise for the yogi mind.

Wanted to comment on your last comment. Your life is so adventurous. How about updating your blog?

Life happens. Don't blame yourself.

Anna said...

I decided to walk across some rocks at the edge of Lake Ontario -- to meditate: LOL. I slipped and fell forward into the water and used my right hand/arm to save myself... oh oh.

It's on my Projects List: Start Blog. I will have more time now I am lying around haha.

Yes, life happens; to be adventurous - that's a risk..

Ursula Preiss said...

Lol, this was a wake up call, dear Anna. :) The story is excellent. Start writing. :)

You will heal, I wish for you that you heal fast.

Good is that you can walk!!!! Keep exploring Canada.