Monday, June 03, 2013

2 hours Ashtanga yoga at home

Also last night I had difficulties to sleep in, yet I got up rather early in the morning. I was not too late to get to a yoga class, yet I preferred to practice at home.

At 9am I had already written my journal and I could step on my mat. Ashtanga yoga is a concentration exercise. Yeah, I think this is as important as to perform the asanas and vinyasas correctly. So I wanted to focus on my breath. No music should distract me. My even breath gave me the rhythm and I moved my body to this rhythm. It was lovely.

Yesterday night it was almost midnight and as I couldn't sleep I read in the book by M. Sweeney. I studied the vinyasas of second series. As I have the feeling that I've so much on my plate I was relieved to see and to remember that I don't need to do full vinyasa when practicing second series. This I applied this morning.

Half vinyasa made my practice so much easier. I had more time to repeat asanas. I worked intensively on back bending.
I repeated pincha mayurasana and even tried it in the middle of the room. Outch, I fell out of the pose and survived. The shock was intensive, yet it didn't hurt. I fell on my back. This is it. I must lose the fear to fall out of a pose. Yet to fall once was enough today. I must get away from the wall. More than 2 years I need this crutch now. I'm able to stand stable, yet to get in the pose is the challenge.

After 2 hours of practice my concentration faded. How do I know? The impulse to leave the mat for a break got stronger and stronger. To do the finishing sequence then was a good decision. I was happy that I had worked on my weak parts.
I had time to meditate 10 min right after the practice. This was so much better than to do the 40th asana. It was so good to sit. It prepared me for the week.

I considered to go to a new yoga studio this morning. Yet I must say, 90 min are too short for me. I don't want to get whipped through a series. Most Ashtanga teacher that have a studio now in Munich offer 90 min Mysore class i.e. Impossible for me. I must really hurry to get through a series.
Only M offers 3 hours Mysore class 3 times a week. This alone makes his classes outstanding.
On Wednesday I'll go again. Nice to have him back from his workshop in Turkey.

Picture: Also in portraits, it's all about the light.

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