Saturday, June 29, 2013

Manage your day to day....

I'm interested in organizing. Our world has changed in the last decades and if one has the feeling not to have time enough, the topic "how to manage the day...." is an interesting one. I found a book to that topic. Successful people  share their insights on how they manage their lives, how they accomplish goals, also long-term goals.

I want to share one tip that can be useful for yoga practitioners:
For most of us it's easier to start activities that show quick results. Yet we also might want to accomplish things that don't show quick results, like writing a book, or passing an exam, learning a language. It requires much more energy to work on these tasks than to answer Emails i.e.

To be sensitive to the different tasks is in my view already important: Some tasks give quick reward, others not. They require another attitude.

To learn new yoga poses is one of the activities that doesn't show quick results. I work on some poses for years, not 2 or 3, but 5 years and even longer.

How to stay motivated? The book "Manage your day to day: Build your routine, find your focus, and sharpen your creative mind" by  Jocelyn K. Glei gives ideas.

For those tasks that don't give instant gratification one can create rewards. An example: I try to learn the splits. It will last months. Instead of focusing on the goal I can focus on how often I've exercised this pose. It's recommended to write it down. To write a diary is a perfect tool to document the effort and mini goals.
In other words: make meassurable what you do.

Another goal for me is to learn the third Ashtanga series. I avoid it somehow, progress doesn't show up.
I created a list in an Excel sheet with all the asanas of third series. I printed it out. Whenever I exercise one of the asanas I make a sign next to the name of this asana. When I've exercised it 10 times, I'll take a picture of this pose. Pictures always motivate me. I'm sure that I'll also see progress.

Thank you for buying your Amazon-goodies via my blog. On the right side of this blog are links. 

Happy weekend.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two lame practices in a row

Yeah, two lame practices in a row, but I practiced. Discipline is rather good these days.

Today I started with the CD by Sharath. Oh, oh, I had forgotten how fast he counts. After Janu Sirsasana C I stopped the CD as I wanted to add asanas from third series. I did some, yet soon I had enough. My closing sequence was more than short, a quicky it was.

Then I watched YouTube videos on how to press into handstand and how to do the splits. The girlies recommend to exercise it twice a day. After the videos I was again motivated. That's how the mind works - moods and thoughts can change like a tsunami. Uplifting thoughts and depressing thoughts are a fracture of a second next to each other. Observing them is a method to deal with them. Thoughts, moods come and go like the waves of an ocean. Advanced in life, I'm entertained.

Be content, I thought, too. What always counts is to practice. To keep up a daily routine is one of my secrets. This is why I progress despite my stiffness, despite my age, despite my lame days, despite......

Tomorrow is Friday. At the end of the week and at the beginning I rather stick to the programme. Primary is on the schedule.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Monday was a good yoga day. I focused on the third series.  A lot is to explore. Beside the leg behind head poses, third series has a lot of arm balancing asanas.

If I've difficulties to balance, I wonder: 
1. Do I engage the bandhas and the relevant muscle for this pose?
2. Are those body parts that are on the floor firmly grounded?
3. How is the breath and dristi?

The biggest obstacle when practicing balancing poses is fear.
What can happen I wonder? One can fall out of a pose. In 99% the shock is the worst.

The better the technique, the less strength is needed.

I exercised galavasana perhaps 3 times in my life. My body and mind seem to be ready for this pose. I was surprised that I could do it.

In Ashtanga yoga the vinyasas are equally important. So I also tried to get into the pose from headstand. It was possible. It even seemed a bit easier to get into the pose from headstand than from standing position.

This was Monday.

Yesterday my practice was not so cheerful. After 90 min energy left me and I stopped. These ups and downs are part of the practice. To develop a relaxed attitude to all happenings is the mental exercise. Yoginis are relaxed fellows, aren't they? :)

And today? I'm ready again to focus on the back bending asanas of second series.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's the next tiny step????

What's the next tiny step? 
This question helps me to get going, not only in yoga, but in life, too.
Imaging the result might be overwhelming. If the task seems too big, it can be that one doesn't start at all. Yet what seems doable, gets done easier.

Ashtanga yoga is a challenging yoga practice. Beginners, advanced beginners and advanced students have surely one experience in common: There are always asanas that are so demanding that they seem undoable. If one breaks the asana down into tiny steps one might be able to do it. Sometimes it might take years till it is masters, but in yoga we're not in a hurry. :)

I struggled with viswamitrasana since this pose was introduced to me. This pose kills me, I thought. I was not able to hold it for a fracture of a second. It frustrated me. So I searched the web and I found a video that explained how to learn it. On the picture you see my next tiny step that I exercise. I focus on stretching the leg first. The balancing aspect of the pose I'll add later. I'll exercise this variation till I feel good at it. By now, even it might look easy, it's an effort that I've to put into the current form.

Parighasana from second series prepares this pose. Sometimes I do it before exercising viswamitrasana.

It has been an intensive practice yesterday. As usual before the middle part I do asanas that need some extra attention. Among these asanas are asanas from first series and second series: I always exercise supta parsvasahita, hanumanasana. I focus on 2 asana and 1 vinyasa. That's all, yet this strategy seems to show progress.

Yesterday I focused on the third series asanas, a few of them. Today I'll focus rather on the second series. I'll spice it up with some third series asanas. That way I've all the back bending asanas earlier, which is good as I've still more concentration and strength in the beginning of a practice.

Better to practice than to talk about it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Baddha konasana, the forth core asana of primary

Baddha konasana has 3 slightly different positions A, B and C. On the picture is baddha konasana A. Important is the opening of the hips. One always speaks of the opening of the hips, yet what is it? It means that the possibility of movements of the legs enlarges. If you remember the 3 other core asanas of primary (marichyasana D, supta kurmasana, garbha pindasana) you see that the flexibility of the movement of the legs is exercised in all directions. 
Whenever I exercise a new asana, I first try to understand the hips. They are the center. From here also the movements begin. In the above pose this means it's not so important to force the chin to the floor, but to move forward with straight back (or almost straight back). Only this has an effect on the hips. 

Upavishta konasana A: My strategy during the last months was to exercise the weak asanas of primary every day before the middle part. I think this strategy was successful. I exercised upavishta konasana much more often that I would have done it otherwise. Here is the history of this asana. I'm now able to bring the chin to the floor, I think without cheating. The back remains straight. There is still potential, yet I see progress. 

From upavishta konasana A one has to get into upavishta konasana B, as elegantly as possible, that is with straight legs. I should film again. I'm rather good at this little vinyasa.

The first core asana of second series is also a twist. It's pashasana. Yet it's not only a twist, the challenge is that it's also a balancing pose. More about this in one of the next posts.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Garbha pindasana, the third core asana of the first Ashtanga yoga series

Gargha pindasana is the third core asana of the first Ashtanga series. This makes sense, too. It's the first time that lotus pose comes into play. Lotus pose is a classic and important for meditation.

The first step here is indeed to feel good in lotus pose.

Then one can try to "force" the arms through the folded legs. Many use water, but for me this is a prop, too. I don't want to be unable to do the pose because I don't have a watering pot with me. In addition it interrupts the flow. Yoginis who need water, stop their practice, walk around, search the water pot, ask other yoginis where it can be. This all is distraction.

What helps:
- The quality of your clothes. Some are smoother than other and allow gliding easier
- Lotion on the arms before practice might help, too. I usually don't put lotion on my body before practice. I don't want to have my skin so slippery. All that lotions.........I don't need that so much, but it can help, especially in the beginning.
- What helped me most was to understand this pose. I fold my legs to padmasana. Then I lift the above foot a bit higher. That way I create space and I can stretch my arm easily through it. To stretch the second arm through the folded legs is a bit more demanding. I twist it through the legs and I pull with my other hand, too.

This pose has also a dynamic phase. Here one can see if you've understood how to breathe. Rolling backwards means exhaling, coming up means inhaling. If you don't breathe correctly it might be impossible to come up.

I roll 9 times. Some roll 5 times. I need a bit longer to make one round. More important is the breath.

It's not my favorite pose, but I don't omit it.

Currently I'm working on flying out of the pose via mayurasana. It's volatile. Sometimes it's possible, sometimes not. The vinyasas are as important as the asanas. Have fun.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Supta kurmasana, the second core asana of primary

Supta kurmasana is the second core asana of primary. It's an important pose. More legs behind head poses will come.

The proportions of the body dictate if the feet are crossed in front of the head or behind the head. Yoginis with very long legs can cross them in front of the head.

I leaped ahead with this pose when I had started second series. The leg behind head poses in second series are easier than the above pose. More precise: to put one leg behind the neck (eka pada sirsasana) is easier than to put two legs behind the head. To do this pose while lying on the floor is also easier, then the pose is called yoga nidrasana.

My fingers are hooked. I'm working on reaching the wrist of the left arm with my right hand. It might help to stretch the legs forward to bring them closer to the body.

It can take years till one might be able to do this pose.
This pose can become comfortably.

It was as if a milestone has been reached when I could finally get into the pose without any adjustment.

What is left is to work on an elegant vinyasa around this asana........:)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Primary with interruptions

Marichyasana D is the first core asana out of four from all the primary asanas. Today is Friday, around the globe the Ashtanga yoga practitioners are busy with the first series. How awesome is this....:) Me too, I focused on primary.

My practice was interrupted twice. I expected one phone call, but I thought it would last 5 min or so, yet it lasted 45 min. The weather allowed me to go on even after such a long break. My body was still soft. But I didn't spice up my series with third series asanas. Only viranchyasana B I added, and hanumanasana of course.....Motivation is good these days, discipline, too.

Urdhva dhanurasana: This morning I read a story of a woman who lost a lot of pounds. She was too fat and wanted to become slim again after her third baby. It motivated her to take pictures of herself on a regular basis in a bikini. To take pictures of my back bending asanas on a more regular basis could be a good idea for me, too. It could motivate me to work more on my back bending issues.
I'm glad that my shoulders are almost OK again. No adjustments anymore from inexperienced assistants. So looks my back bending these days. It feels better as I'm almost healed, yet injuries are always a setback. Pictures tell the truth. I'm still far away to see my feet. When seeing the feet, one says, then one can stand up from this pose.
What helps me a lot is that I work on hanumanasana. It stretches the front part of the hips.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 hours Ashtanga yoga is enough.

I woke up at 5am. I had missed already sun rise. Soon I got up and at 9am I was on the mat. No discipline issues these days. It's also the weather that helps to be so consequent. When it's warm it's so much easier to bend.

Like yesterday I did a lot of back bending asanas. One day these asanas must improve only because I put so much time into learning them. It's not possible to realize progress on a daily basis.

After the leg behind head poses concentration faded. How do I realize this? I want to leave the mat, I dawdle, thinking starts becoming intrusive........I still added pincha mayurasana and mayurasana. Oh my, I'm so fearful. I don't know how to get away from the wall when I do pincha mayurasana. I must learn to fall, but this scares me so much.

Not all asanas were done, but it was enough practice. I finished it with the finishing sequence. At the end I lied on the floor to rest for 10 min. I showered. Now I want to meditate for 10 min and again almost 3 hours are dedicated to my yoga practice. I love it. It's pure luxury. What a time-consuming practice I have, oh my.

I eat light these days. On the picture is my salad of yesterday: 3 carrots, 1 apple, parsley and a dressing made of oil, citron, a bit of salt and a bit of Algave syrup.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Every Ashtanga yoga practice betters my day

Yesterday I practiced second series. I forgot bakasana, hahahaha.......but this is OK.

Today I practiced also second series with focus on back bending. After 2 hours my concentration faded away. Then I did the finishing sequence even though I was not through the entire series. I think my strategy is good. I do much more back bending asanas before kapotasana than intended. But this helps me to get deeper into kapotasana and more important I like to do it then because my back is so much more prepared for this deep back bending.

Yesterday I practiced 2 hours without breaks and today 2 hours 15. I measured the time, because most studios offer Ashtanga classes that last 90 min. If I want to focus on flow and primary series this might be enough time. Otherwise it's too short. I don't want to hurry when doing yoga.

One core asana of second series is pashasana........I spend some more time here, too. Main changes is that I don't roll back on my heels anymore. I start twisting with both feet flat on the floor. I rolled back now for 4 years with only tiny improvement. The new method to get into the pose seems to help me.

Motivation and ambition are back.

The weather also makes a difference. It's hot here now. The balcony doors were open when I practiced. It was wonderful. The heat makes me sweating. The body is so much softer.

Healthy eating is supportive. I enjoyed my salad.

I wish you energy that takes you to the mat.

Monday, June 17, 2013

In best mood......

Monday: Till the end of June is still the summer hole.....hahaha.....this means that M is still absent. Self-practice is offered and new Ashtanga studios came into being.

I want to strengthen my discipline. At home I can better work on my weak points. For the time being I think it helps me more to work on the asanas that are not so good than to whip myself through one or even one and a half series. I know many back bending asanas that prepare kapotasana. When I do them before this deep back bending it becomes easier. After 2 years I see no progress, this means something goes wrong, because I do progress in general.

My practice will be hard today, but perhaps one shouldn't write, say or even think this. Too many days off in a row. Performing the asanas better and better is a side product of daily practice. Focus shall be the breath today and not the performance of the asanas. It's my goal to stay on the mat. This betters the ability to concentrate.

Excuses why I had days off are numerous, reasons to get back to the daily practice are convincing.
When M will be back I want to be ready to work more intensively on third series. I'm motivated. Yep.

Time to practice.......

Friday, June 14, 2013

The analysis - the teeth and gum topic

By now my teeth got x-rayed as a first analysis. That's past and done by the money dentist.
Today the depth of my gum pockets were measured. The dental hygienist had an instrument that she led between gum and teeth, the measurement of the depth of the gum pockets happened electronically. At once the result was shown on a screen where one could see the teeth and then the result of the measurement. Critical depth were shown in red. Good parts were indicated in black. This is the latest standard was my feeling.

The analysis is the basis for a suggestion for a therapy. This is why it's so important. Of course one must be able to read the results.

The next 2 steps are clear now. The treatment is conservative.
1. At the end of June my 2 wisdom teeth get extracted. Wisdom teeth are considered as redundant and trouble makers. Mine never made troubles, but they are difficult to clean. Shall they go to nirvana. "Your body will thank you when they are out," the dentist told me. It can even be. The smaller the inflammation is, the better it is for my body.
2. At the end of July a profound cleaning is on the schedule. It will last 2 hours. This seems to me even more important.

What comes after that depends on how my body will react to that treatment.

I was glad to hear that I clean my teeth very well. After every meal I do the whole show. Sometimes I don't want to eat because afterwards I have to clean my teeth. Yet usually I eat and I brush my teeth. :)

I'm relieved.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My minimalistic days

One task must be done every day. This is the duty.
The rest is fun or because life flows so smoothly. Today it flows.
Yesterday I felt stuck as soon as  E's bicycle was at the bicycle doctor. I was not even in the mood to read. I was waiting for the evening party at a beer garden. The photographer "Der Stilpirat" made a tour through Germany to meet his followers. Almost 20 people joined and it was interesting to talk about photography with these people of all walks of life. Some focus on weddings and workshops, one woman loves to take pictures of newborn, 2 men had photography as a hobby and a contrast to the job. It's planned to meet again.
I called E when I left the beer garden. In the middle between beer garden and our home we met and on our common way home then we stopped at the Croatia restaurant to have a last drink. For me it was water. Non sparkling. It's enough when I'm sparkling and I had a lot to tell........this is an asset of myself that I love to talk. :)

The task today was to get the water tap repaired in the kitchen. It was dropping all the time. A plumber in the house means cleaning. Under the sink I removed the dust. My shelves for spices were the next spot that I cleaned. It had to be. A kitchen needs to be clean. I was not too lazy to put the carpet into the washing machine. Yep, there is still time to clean the floor.
Probably I've too much stuff. This makes cleaning difficult and time-consuming. Yet it can be done. No excuses. And discarding things, space clearing so to say is part of the game, too. Always.

In December we'll move out from here. But by then I cannot neglect our home. The thought came up already, but I discarded it.

A yogini loves a simple life.
At least the direction is clear.

A simple life creates time for asana practice.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Let's call it bhakti yoga

A friend from the US moved to India. Not a months there she cares and collects for the needy dogs. I donated and afterwards I felt so good. I always love to do something for the animals. It makes me happy when I can do it. Money can help.

It's a good habit to think what to give and who to give. It can serve as a motivation to get going with the own projects. And it helps others. It opens the heart, it makes sensitive.
Some might worry about nature.
Some like to help when there is flooding or another catastrophe. Not that I want you to look for misery in that world.
There are a lot of situations that require money: education for girls i.e.
Perhaps someone needs someone who can listen for a while......
Be creative.

It's good to give and it's good to take. It belongs together. One can cultivate both.

Bhakti yoga was my yoga today. Asanas will be practiced tomorrow again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back from a lovely trip

I knew that I wouldn't have time neither for yoga nor for being online during the last 3 days. Now I'm back and I have my pictures of this lovely weekend as souvenirs. One always needs a bit of luck and we had luck. The weather was excellent: sunshine all day long.

I checked my calender this morning. Several appointments are on the schedule: This week I'll meet photographers, I will get my nails done and finally my teeth treatment will start.

This week has a moto: back to a healthy life style. Less is more.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

From chaos to clarity

Can I still remember how my online presence started? I think a very first step was to get an Email at Yahoo. Then much later I found blogger and joined. Then I changed to Google with my Email. I was invited to be on Facebook. Then Google+ was a must. Where to show my pictures? Quickly I was on a German platform and flickr, too. Oh, I forgot Ebay and all the other sales pages. And Amazon, yes amazon........

How to organize it?

I read it several times, it was highly recommended, but during the last days I got active: I have a domain and a website with my name. I know the word "name" is a keyword and one can discuss it weeks and months. I had no better idea but to take my own name. This website is now the center, the sun. All the other websites I'll link to this site. They float around this sun. This website with my domain name will be on my business card and nothing else. Sigh. This is a structure.
I'll link this website when it's grown a bit more, even though I'm already rather happy with it.

I worked on it till after midnight yesterday, I desperated, had highlights, was challenged and admired the results.

A timer is not also useful to get started, but to stop an activity. Online work can absorb a lot of time.

Also today it was 6pm when I gave myself a break from this work.
A status update of a yogini gave me the last kick to step on the mat and to practice primary. It was good, no, rather excellent.

Again I think: Also doing sun salutations and 10 min meditation is a practice. This is better than nothing. I still want too much too often. When other tasks have priority it's not necessary to skip yoga 100%. To practice a bit is sooooooo good already.

I hope I remember this tomorrow morning as I'll be on the road again. American friends are here and it's very nice that we can be a guide for a day.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


This picture was my work yesterday. Hahaha.......Our topic of the week in my women photography group has been "food".
(For the Facebook fans: I've page there that you can "like".)
I also cleaned. In the evening I worked on my photography business, this time the business aspect was my focus. I'm working on a website.

I didn't even intent to get up at a set time this morning. When well-rested, when my eyes should open, I wanted to get up. And it feels good. I enjoyed my cup of coffee. I feel ready for the day and its surprises.

My rooms are clean again, which is also a joy.

Relaxed I can step on my mat today again. I'm looking forward to my practice.
More than ever I work on my hip flexibility. This is the focus what ever asana I practice. This is really basic insights, but often neglected. Yoginis want to reach the toes when they move forward in paschimottanasana i.e., but the goal is to enlarge the movement of the hips. Of the movement of the hips enlarge, it's a piece of cake to bind the the hands behind the feet.

My yoga improves my concentration.
Yet all other activities that I do focused do the same. My tip is really. Ask yourself what you want to do for the next 25 min. It can be anything: cleaning, reading, writing. Then set a timer and work on that task till the time is over. This simple method saves my days again and again. I tend to plan too much every day and this overwhelms me from time to time. Then nothing gets done at all. When I set my timer life flows again.

Peace of mind.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


1. I couldn't sleep in last night. Again.
2. Then I had nightmares.
3. In the morning I didn't get up.
4. The kitchen is a MESS.
5. My weight drives me crazy.
6. Questions came up like: Which world is my world?
7. LOL. What a morning.

First step: Landing.
Second step: Making the bed.
Third step: Cleaning the kitchen.

Then I can think of practicing yoga, better more doing than thinking...........

Monday, June 03, 2013

2 hours Ashtanga yoga at home

Also last night I had difficulties to sleep in, yet I got up rather early in the morning. I was not too late to get to a yoga class, yet I preferred to practice at home.

At 9am I had already written my journal and I could step on my mat. Ashtanga yoga is a concentration exercise. Yeah, I think this is as important as to perform the asanas and vinyasas correctly. So I wanted to focus on my breath. No music should distract me. My even breath gave me the rhythm and I moved my body to this rhythm. It was lovely.

Yesterday night it was almost midnight and as I couldn't sleep I read in the book by M. Sweeney. I studied the vinyasas of second series. As I have the feeling that I've so much on my plate I was relieved to see and to remember that I don't need to do full vinyasa when practicing second series. This I applied this morning.

Half vinyasa made my practice so much easier. I had more time to repeat asanas. I worked intensively on back bending.
I repeated pincha mayurasana and even tried it in the middle of the room. Outch, I fell out of the pose and survived. The shock was intensive, yet it didn't hurt. I fell on my back. This is it. I must lose the fear to fall out of a pose. Yet to fall once was enough today. I must get away from the wall. More than 2 years I need this crutch now. I'm able to stand stable, yet to get in the pose is the challenge.

After 2 hours of practice my concentration faded. How do I know? The impulse to leave the mat for a break got stronger and stronger. To do the finishing sequence then was a good decision. I was happy that I had worked on my weak parts.
I had time to meditate 10 min right after the practice. This was so much better than to do the 40th asana. It was so good to sit. It prepared me for the week.

I considered to go to a new yoga studio this morning. Yet I must say, 90 min are too short for me. I don't want to get whipped through a series. Most Ashtanga teacher that have a studio now in Munich offer 90 min Mysore class i.e. Impossible for me. I must really hurry to get through a series.
Only M offers 3 hours Mysore class 3 times a week. This alone makes his classes outstanding.
On Wednesday I'll go again. Nice to have him back from his workshop in Turkey.

Picture: Also in portraits, it's all about the light.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A list of asanas of second series where I need props

.....and next steps, how to become independent from the props like wall, blanket, blocks.....

1. Pashasana.
I altered how I get into this pose. I start with the heels on the floor. This way I don't have to move backwards which is a risk to fall out of the pose. When getting into this pose is stable, I'll put away the blanket.

2 und 3. Backbending: Laghu vajrasana and kapotasana
Forward split shall help here. And I do as many back bending as possible. Patience is required! I won't give up here, no.

4. Bakasana B
Will start exercising again away from the wall.

5. Pincha mayurasana
I will learn to fall. Viparita dandasana could help here. Also here I have to exercise away from the wall. The wall is like a drug.

6. Karandavasana
It's not possible when pincha mayurasana is not really stable. It will take years to be able to do karandavasana.

Supta urdhva pada vajrasana is an asana that improved a lot, yet I cannot hold my toe when I move forward. I need no prop here, so I won't add it to the list.

To stand up from urdhva dhanurasana is of course also not yet possible, but I think it's an asana that doesn't belong to the middle part.

6 asanas out of 27 need props. This is about 4%. This is not that bad. Two years ago I needed more props.

Good is: there is no asana I think I won't be able during my life time.

Jupp Heynkes (coach of the Bavarian soccer team) (68) was asked what made him so successful. He said that he's disciplined and that he's preparing when he's coaching. Discipline seems to be one of the core skills. Whatever one wants to learn one needs the discipline to do it.
This is one of the mental skills one acquires when establishing a daily practice. One can even say, to step on the mat means that one has mastered already the first task. It's worth to observe oneself what helps to be consequent and what makes it difficult.

And I feel like practicing now. I want to take advantage of this impulse......

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The path and the goal are not in competition with each other

Often business books emphasize how important it is to have a goal and a deadline for this goal.

Yoginis focus more on the path, the daily practice. It goes so far that one says: the path is the goal.

Yet I think path and goal complement each other. They don't need to be in competition.

To have no goal at all in my yoga practice is a bit as if one walks in a dark forest and one doesn't know where to go. On the other hand to have only the goal in mind, i.e. being able to do karandawasana, can make the practice frustrating. To take out the ambition to accomplish a goal can bring joy to the practice. Doing something just because it's fun and because it feels good is absolutely OK.

Re yoga I know my goals and the path. The goals are short term goals and long term goals. I want to be able to perform the asanas and finally all the 4 Ashtanga series. Yet I also want to sustain a daily practice. The daily practice is the path. Tiny steps shall lead me to my goals.

Deadline: Not that one shall never ever give up anything. But the danger exist that one gives up something too early that one loves to do. Why should I give up my photography only because it's not yet as successful as I wish it were? Perhaps in a few years or a decade it shows fruit. A deadline needn't to mean that a project is dead after a set date. Most things need more time than estimated. Perhaps steps need to be adjusted or changed to get where one wants to be. For me a deadline intensives my activities within a given time frame. A deadline doesn't kill my projects.
Life becomes easier for me when I know where I want to go, but when I take it easy.
Life becomes easier for me when I focus on the next tiny step.
This seems to be a successful pattern.

I'm enjoying the first hour of the day. The city is still calm. My bitter and black coffee is good. It's the 1st June. The resolutions can be refreshed. Hahaha........One can remember the goals and the path that shall lead to the goals. In June I won't omit a yoga practice and I'll eat modest and I won't go to restaurants so often and and and......hahaha.........

Might be that we know the path or the goal or perhaps neither. What will happen is out of our control.......