Friday, May 03, 2013

What is effective?

For years I practice pashasana and I've the feeling I don't progress. I use a blanket under my feet in order not to roll backwards. OK, in the beginning I used a book, nowadays it's a thin blanket. Yet I want to get rid of any prop. I also want to hold the wrist.

Today I found some inspirations on "The Confluence countdown".

Twice it was recommended to practice the pose against a wall. This is what I'm going to do for the next months.

How to make fast progress? What works? What doesn't work? These topics are in my mind for some time.

1. Daily practice is important and helps to avoid injuries. It almost guarantees success.
2. A healthy life style! The weight is important and what we drink, too.
3. Repeating the difficult asanas, holding them longer is more effective than hurrying through a practice.
4. I also think that some additional asanas can help a lot, even though it's not the strict practice. Practicing hanumanasana improved my back bending asanas already.
5. It helps me a lot to watch YouTube videos of good teacher, like Kino, Laruga, David, Maria (see link above).

I will spend more time with those asanas that are still weak or where I need a prop. Some asana seem so close, yet nothing has improved for years. Pincha mayurasana is such a pose. I think I must be able to do it in the middle of the room. To focus on single asanas and to work on them till they are mastered is a good advice, I think.

And now I'm ready for the bed again.

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