Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tooth blues and plan for today

Yesterday I got a second opinion about my teeth. I'll get a third one next week and this was it then. This shall be enough to make a decision.

On these dentists day I seem to be unable to do anything else. Yesterday morning I felt excited and wanted to prepare myself. When I was at home again in the evening I had Adrenalin in my blood. I calmed me with food and a glass of red wine. I hadn't eaten anything the entire day except a small breakfast.
The dentist No2 is located far outside of Munich. This is a negative point for me. To return home means to walk 20 min to take a first train which comes in 30 min distances. After one station I have to change the train which means to walk to other rails which are a bit far away. Then again I must be 30 min in the train before I reach Munich main station. From there I need about 15 min with the Straßenbahn to be at home. To commute 90 min minimum with an open wound in the mouth is doable, but not a joy.

OK, but what was his opinion or diagnosis:

He would only pull 5 teeth, 3 of them are wisdom teeth, and not 11. This is a huge difference. Wisdom teeth don't count, I've learned. They are trouble makers despite their name. I had never troubles with them, but one was pulled already 30 years ago. I still can remember the pain, but not why it was pulled. Many young people lose the wisdom teeth and can live without them. The wisdom teeth are the teeth No 8. No dentist even thinks to implant those teeth, except dentist No1. It is not at all necessary to implant wisdom teeth. Dentist No1 was creative. He even wanted to make money as much as possible with my wisdom teeth and my naivety. But  I'm losing my naivety.

So the dentist from yesterday would implant 2 teeth. And what about the other teeth, that should be pulled by dentist no1? He sees a possibility to heal the periodontosis with deep cleaning. This should happen via a surgery, but there seems to be a possibility that I can have my own teeth a bit longer. After the deep cleaning it can be that the bones recover. I want to try this first . For sure.

I'm so glad now that I got another opinion. I hope that dentist No3 comes to a similar conclusion. If not I'll have difficulties to convince him to do less, I know this. Every dentist is convinced, that he's right.
But I'll wait, I wanted to hear a third opinion. First I must listen. Then I'll  make my own opinion.

The therapy plan of dentist No2 is 10 times (!) cheaper than the one of dentist No1.

Yep another issue of dentist No2 is that they can do the implants, yet not the crowns on the implants. So I need a second dentist anyway. Dentists are specialists these days.

Many dentists write on their signs that they are specialised in implantology. Yet this is not a protected profession. A dentist can read a book or make a workshop and then he can render this service as a dentist. Implants are expensive. Experience is everything here, I think.
It's the same with yoga teachers or photographers. If you want to be one, you are one.

In my case or for all those who suffer from periodontosis it makes sense to see first a dentist specialised in healing the gums. To implant new teeth shall be the very last step. Yet if a dentist is specialised in implantology he is proned to do it faster than necessary. Makes sense.

I'm a bit less afraid now and a bit closer to a solution, a tiny bit closer.

It is even possible to live well without teeth No7. I tested it in front of the mirror. Even when I smile as much as I can one wouldn't see it. Yet beauty is not my issue, it's life quality. I want to be able to bite and to eat properly.

I lost 2 pounds from yesterday morning to this morning even though I ate a bar of marzipan chocolate beside all the other food I shoved into my body to calm down yesterday night. This shows me how exciting this all is for me and how much energy I need.

Summary and tips for a periodontosis treatment:
1. Get your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis.
2. Then a test about the bacteria might be necessary. The result might mean to take antibiotics. This I've done already. It's strange but I feel a difference. This is still closed therapy
3. If this is not enough it makes sense to undergo a surgery. The dentist opens the gums and cleans under it, with laser i.e. Then the gums and even the bones might recover. This can be checked via a new x-ray 3 months later.
4. The last step is to pull out teeth and to implant them. Especially those dentists specialized in implantology want to start here.

To live without any teeth is not recommended as it often causes digestion issues.

I'm ready for primary today. I can integrate third series asanas. Today my focus are the dristhis again. Hahaha.....My big toes, how I love them.


Cat said...

You are smart to get other medical opinions. It makes me angry to read about your first dentist; he was obviously trying to make money instead of putting your needs first. That is really scary. But it sounds like the second guy is knowledgable and compassionate.

Debb said...

I wish I lived closer, I would drive you to your appointment procedure :). A close family member had periodontitis (gum disease) while having his teeth cleaned once a year. He changed to twice a year cleanings and brought it under control! Many do not realize the importance of prevention. I used to think they suggested twice yearly to make more money, but now I believe otherwise.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Cat. Yes I take my time. Once the teeth are out I cannot make it undone.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you so much, Debb. This is so sweet to think to drive me.

I'm very glad that I've heard this second opinion, yet I want to hear a third opinion, too. I know why.

Next week I'll get this third opinion. Then comes tinking time. Hahaha....
Probably I also must negotiate with a dentist what to do and what not to do. My goal is now to lose as less teeth as possible. Hahaha....

I got my teeth cleaned twice a year. In some cases it can be necessary to get them cleaned more often. We spend so much money for nonsense. To spend it for the body, for the teeth seems OK for me, also if one takes care a bit more than absolutly necessary.

All the best for you, dear Debb.

deborahsyogablog said...

Amazing, I'm just back from a free tissue graft of the gums on 2 of my lower teeth, done by a periodontist. On two teeth the tissue was dangerously low so they grafted tissue from my palate onto my gums.
This is all part of a much larger project, I need braces and surgery to correct a severe open bite.

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through gum disease. Have you tried a water flosser? I just bought one and it has an attachment that enables you to rinse out the pockets between your gums and your teeth.

Good luck!

Kitharo said...

Finally "happy" news... less teeth taken away and a hope of healing your bones at least a little bit. Sounds reasonable so far, although the distance could be an issue... could E drive you?

But I'm glad that's a little bit more positive... maybe the third doctor has even better news!

Ursula Preiss said...

Oh my, then you've major issues with your teeth, too. Good luck, Deborah.

Yeah yeah, water flosser I take, too. Mention anything re cleaning, and I use it. Lol.

Ursula Preiss said...

Yeah Julian, I was relieved yesterday about this different diagnosis and therapy.

Some reasons make me tend to prefer the third dentist. But I won't develop prejudices. First I'll hear his therapy suggestion.

I hope I've a certain influence on the therapy, too. Hahaha...

polka said...

Have you heard about 'oil pulling'? It's great for teeth, gums and more. Organic coconut oil is the best in my opinion. I really recommend it.