Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sipping coffee, a home practice is on the schedule

It's early in the morning, I'm sipping coffee. In the morning my world is still peaceful and calm. It will be so till  this afternoon when I'll see another dentist for a third opinion re my teeth and my gum. I'll fight for every single tooth.

Yesterday I practiced Ashtanga yoga at home. So I will today. It's raining outside. A self-practice is offered. I doubt that many yogis and yoginis will schlepp themselves to the shala. Yet this doesn't influence my actions so much. The weather is horrible. My home practices are rather good for the time being. I'll join the party again when our teacher will be back.

At home I'm creative. I add preparation asanas before kapotasana. That way this pose is so much easier. I do forward split. This seems to be a very supportive asana for back bending. I blend third series asanas when it fits.
In classes I stick to the series as given. I focus on flow. Years back I feared not to practice during the absence of a teacher. Yet I became rather independent.

Discipline, perseverance and patience are mental skills that one exercises when practicing Ashtanga yoga. Often these mental exercises are overlooked: Practicing Ashtanga yoga is a concentration exercise. It's not only about the fancy asanas or about fitness.
It's also about becoming optimistic. When practicing daily it's very likely that one makes the experience that things improve, sometimes even the impossible becomes possible.
One can learn to direct the thoughts.

Yesterday in the evening I even meditated for 10 min. It was great, too. It was not: oh my, when is it over. I sat and observed the breath. Thoughts came up. I thought: planning, if the contents of the thoughts were planning. I thought: hearing, when my attention was at the noises that one hears if one lives rather downtown. Then I returned to the breath with my consciousness. Eyes are closed when I meditate. It was just one practice, yet I liked that my concentration was so good.

Better to practice than to write about it.


Anna said...

I enjoy meditation - I laugh at myself as I sit there for 20 minutes planning my day; rehashing old conversations; making up to do lists; running through my new ideas, etc etc etc. I return to the breath each time I become conscious of all this crap... I'm not very good at meditating but, so what? Haha.

Raining and grey here too!

Ursula Preiss said...

20 min, Anna, you are a hardcore meditator. :) Yeah so it is. It is said that it is good to meditate, so let's find out if it's true.

Good night.